BREAKING NEWS: Jesus has been raised from among the dead!

The extreme test of our faith as Christians is found in our ironclad belief that God raised Jesus from the dead with eternal life spirit. We do this without seeing the resurrected Christ, without touching his hands or feet and without being eyewitnesses of the empty tomb. We accept the resurrection purely because God says it happened in His Word. Faith is accepting what God says is truth and believing in the integrity of God's Word with no reservations, apprehension or doubts.

Some, who lived with, were taught by and were disciples of Jesus believed Him when He promised after three days and three nights in the grave, He would rise from the dead. Most who heard these words could not rise above their doubts which resulted in them barricading themselves behind closed and locked doors after Jesus' death “for fear of the Jews” . When Mary came running to tell the disciples that the tomb was empty, some believed He had been raised while others believed His body had been stolen.

To this day, there are many who call themselves Christians who cannot really believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. They use lame excuses such as that Jesus was not really dead or that His rising was not such a big deal because Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead. Those who cannot accept the Word of God to be true simply because God says so, cannot manifest faith and are forever doomed to questions, illogic, doubts and unbelief. God help us to be believers and not just people who talk about Jesus.

We must establish a few very important facts before continuing. The last and greatest thing Jesus could do (and did) was to literally give His life on our behalf. Jesus took His last breath and died. When they took Jesus down from the cross, He was lifeless. When they placed Jesus in the tomb, He was dead. There was no little part of Jesus still living that would erupt into a resurrection three days later. When Jesus gave His life, He accepted the finality of death but believed in the promise of God that He would raise Him from the dead.

The only way for Jesus to rise from among the dead was for Almighty God to raise Him. Jesus could not and did not raise Himself. Before Jesus died, the Gospel of Luke tells us that He cried with a loud voice; “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit” . In the Gospel of John it says that the final words of Jesus were “It is finished” . Jesus knew that His mission of redemption was finished and there was nothing more He could do. After saying to one and all “it is finished” , Jesus spoke in a loud voice the true conviction of His heart that His “spirit” was being committed to God His Father. Wrapped up in that phrase was the absolute conviction in Jesus' heart that God would raise Him from the dead.

Jesus absolutely believed with all of His heart that God would raise Him from the dead with eternal life spirit, forever breaking the neck of the devil that held people captive with their fear of death. Jesus knew in His heart that God would perform that which He had promised and raise Him from the dead. With great peace and joy, Jesus willingly gave up His life for us.

Sure enough, after three days and nights of being dead and buried, God the Father woke up Jesus from the dead with eternal life. God literally quickened Jesus which means that He gave Him life. Not the same life He had before He died, but a new and eternal life that never dies. The significance of the resurrection is that when God woke up Jesus, He did so by imparting unto Him eternal life. He was raised from the dead with eternal life spirit.

When Romans 10:9 tells us that in order to be saved, we must confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead; we are expressing our absolute faith in God's resurrection power and that when Hw raised Jesus from among the dead, He made Him eternally alive and forever Lord of Lords and King of Kings. God did not raise Jesus only for Him to die again later, He raises Jesus with eternal life spirit that will never die. God raised Jesus and gave Him THE name above every name and made Him Lord over all and Head of the Body of believers.

Just as Jesus had to absolutely believe in his heart that God was going to raise Him from the dead because He had promised to do so; we must believe in our heart that God did for Jesus what He had said He would do and that He has done for us what He has promised He has done and will do in the future. Faith is the absolute conviction in our heart that God has done what He said He would do, God will do what He said He will do and that everything God says about us is the truth. Hallelujah Christ is risen.

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"Faith is the absolute conviction in our heart that God has done what He said He would do, God will do what He said He will do and that everything God says about us is the truth."



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Outstanding blog on this most vital subject!

:cross: The cross is empty, and so is the tomb!

Hallelujah! :pray:ze God!

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