Change can be hard but many times it is a very good thing

Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm we took off for Cincinnati, Ohio to pick up the newest member of household; Meshach the Newfoundland.  Last night we returned home around 3:00 am with 140 pounds of black dog to go with the 140 pounds of white dog (Shadrach) we already had.  Of course Jehosacat is here to watch over things.

Many would ask, and rightfully so, why we need nearly 300 pounds of dog to be happy.  The only answer was and continues to be that since God never blessed us with children, our dogs have always been His way of meeting and supplying our need for what children bring to parents hearts.

As I sit here so tired I can barely think straight with two big dogs upstairs separated by blockades, I have to wonder if we did the right thing.  Although I know in my heart we did, the short term problems do tend to insert doubt and questions in my mind.  I know that within a day or two these two dogs will be good buddies, but for now they are anything but that.

Nobody likes change as a general rule.  Whether man or beast, we all like the comfort and security stability brings.  When something arises that radically alters our home, job, marriage, family, church etc, we tend to go through all sorts of contortions and a season of upheaval, anger and even depression.  We long for things to be as they were, even if they were not very good at the time.

The Children of Israel marched triumphantly out of Egypt full of hope and anticipation for where God would lead them.  They willingly bowed in subjection to God’s authority and promised to do all He said to do.  This attitude lasted until the first set of problems and then what started as murmurings ended with insurrection. 

In due time, God had no choice but have the people who left Egypt wander in the wilderness for 40 years until they died.  They had so hardened their hearts toward Him; God could not and would not allow them into His promised land.  The people simply could not accept the radical change God promised them and as a result, they longed for and demanded to be allowed to go back to Egypt where things (in their minds) were “not so bad”.

It takes patience, trust, faith and great humility to accept change in our lives.  When we stubbornly refuse to allow God to lead us in new directions or out of our “comfort zone”, we tend to growl and bark just like Shadrach has been doing.  Until he accepts that he now has a “girlfriend”, he will only think of himself and how a big black dog will steal some of the attention, affection and food he should be getting (and got) as an “only child”.

It has been my observation that many times when things change radically in our lives, it is God leading us in a new direction.  It has been my experience that although such change is difficult or painful at first, the end result is a more fruitful and fulfilling life and ministry.  We cannot be afraid of change but rather embrace it as an opportunity to see God work in our lives and watch as He opens new and exciting doors of utterance and new avenues to manifest His love.

As always, Blessings 2 You!


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

No matter if it's 300lbs of dogs or 14lbs of dogs change brings about disturbances for a time but in the end we will rejoice!

Beautiful dog and Shadrach what trouble will see that eventually.

Yup I seem to be in that desert today. Needed this blog. Thanks

Now You and Blest try to get some rest.



K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I echo Pooh's words. Over the past few years it seems that life has been one big giant change! I am reminded though, that God is the one overseeing those changes and if the truth be told, some of my greatest blessings have come about as a result of those changes.


K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

The fact is that change does not come easy no matter how it is presented; but to grow in grace will always involve change , that to is a fact. This is why we are called to walk by faith not by sight; in this instance as 'K' writes, trusting that God knows what he is doing and he will bail us out if need be, when he decides to.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Brother Kirk, 140 pounds is a lot of dog. But congratulations. Tell the old one Billy knows how he feels:).

God Bless. Thanks for sharing. Hope it gets better. billy

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I don't like change :mrgreen: but I do like dogs! Many is the time I have been ushered reluctantly into new circumstances but I have to admit with hindsight, that being in the place where I am supposed to be is a far better place!

Looking forward to the official family photograph :wink:

Steve Hurt @serveonlyhim ·

Now that's one pretty dog.
Take some time for them to sort things, they will and all will be good. Gonna be exciting round your home for awhile during the process.
We do that too with change - as you say.

You two take care,

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