Charity is NOT a bad word

We certainly live in a time of unequaled prosperity yet at the same time unparalleled poverty. While many are reaping incredible financial rewards, more and more people struggle to survive. At a time when some are making more money than ever, there are many more who must daily find new ways to cut expenses just to stay alive.

The imbalance between the "haves" and the "have nots" grows daily. One of the biggest problems facing governments, charities and churches is how to care for those who do not have the means to care for themselves. Whether through welfare, charity or benevolence; someone has to step up to help or innocent people suffer.

I heard last night about a tornado that ripped through southern Alabama yesterday morning and completely destroyed the house and business of a family who have volunteered hundreds of hours over the years to the charity I have supported down there the past 5 years. Thankfully no one was hurt even though the mother and three children were at home at the time of the storm.

Due to the impact this charity has had on the community, upon hearing of the disaster yesterday, the mayor made some calls and by early afternoon the family was moved into a fully furnished home complete with food, clothing and linens. Before the family even had a chance to panic or become depressed, the community succeeded in giving back to them a hundredfold for all they have given over the years.

This is precisely how the law of "giving and receiving" is supposed to work according to 2 Corinthians. We are urged to give when we have the means so as to provide for those who cannot. I will stubbornly hold to the belief that the reason God would bless anyone with financial abundance is first and foremost so that they can GIVE to those in need.

God does not flood a person with prosperity strictly so they can greedily spend it on pampering themselves with things that make them feel good. Yet, this is precisely what many Christians believe and as a result there has built up quite an attitude among some branches of Christianity which refuse to believe it is ever right to help someone in need for "God only helps those who help themselves".

I know and have worked side by side with the family whose home and business were destroyed yesterday. They are beautiful people with an incredible heart for helping others. It is indeed a tragedy that they lost their home, but it is also a brilliant witness to the depth of the love of God and brotherly love to see how quickly everyone jumped in to help in their time of need.

Some of us here in the Christian Blog community are in the middle of financial battles which are testing our very heart and faith. Some of us are daily upon our knees beseeching the Father for His help and guidance in how to just survive. Some of us continue to give and share even during times of great tribulation and affliction.

Some of us here at Christian Blog have been blessed with great material abundance. Some share a little of it and some do not. The Bible does indeed teach that when it comes to "free will giving", each person is to determine in their heart what they want to give. My only prayer is that we all strive to give as much as we can in order to take the pressure off those who are "tapped out".

Charity can work when done properly and in accordance with the Word of God. God will mightily bless any church or person who willingly gives above and beyond the tithe to benevolently stand in the gap for those suffering in the throes of need. May we all step up and see if there is more we can do to help and bless those in need, even if it is just to pray more for them.

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As someone who has benefited from the charity of others over the past few years, I have to say, "AMEN". I remember going out to the mailbox one day when I was in cancer treatment. I opened a letter from a woman I hadn't seen in a few years. Inside was a check. She'd heard about my illness through mutual friends and... she remembered that when she was in college, my husband and I, though we had little ourselves, had helped her pay a bill she could not pay. We told her that we don't give out loans... we give out gifts and so we gifted her. That is a personal decision and something I might write about later. It gave her great joy to be able to give back to me in return.

My pastor always says that if God has blessed you, it is so you can bless others. I believe that blessing applies to our finances as well. If we stand before God with "closed hands" rather than "open hands" (giving hands), how on earth can we expect to receive?


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