Claiming our spiritual victory in Christ Jesus

In the Old Testament, when the Children of Israel reached the Promised Land, God did not just hand it to them on a silver platter. Much of the Book of Joshua describes the many physical battles that were necessary for God's people to claim what God had promised to them. In other words, they had to FIGHT for what was legally theirs. Although there were many battles that entailed literal warfare, Jericho was a prime example of God doing the actual fighting while His people marched around the city making a racket.

We do not live in the Old Testament anymore and it is plainly clear in the New Testament that our warfare is spiritual and not physical. Nevertheless, the basic principles of what it took for God's people to overcome the enemy so they could dwell in the Promised Land of milk and honey are applicable today as we fight to overcome the lies of the enemy so we can dwell peacefully in the presence of our God and walk in the victory purchased for us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Starting at the Red Sea and continuing for 40 long years in the wilderness and concluding at the River Jordan, God proved over and over again to His people that He would take care of them, supply their needs, fight their battles for them, part the bodies of water standing in their way etc if they would only trust in Him and obey His Word. To the extent the people did what God told them to do and not what their five senses said, they were able to enjoy the fruits of victory and the unspeakable joy that comes with watching God's power and glory at work as His will is done.

Just as the Children of Israel had to choose whether to believe what their eyes and ears told them or what Moses said God wanted, so we must choose whether to believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ or fall back on our weak and beggarly flesh. The battle was and continues to be whether we will rise up to believe and act on God's Word or sit back and watch life happen to us, whether good or bad. We cannot stop bad things from happening, but we sure can stop them from rendering us a frightened and helpless spiritual wimp.

Believe me when I tell you that there are times (many times in fact) when the only way to break the stranglehold the enemy has on our bodies, minds, finances, relationships etc is to rise up and FIGHT for what God says and not fall prey to the endless lies, scare tactics, hurtful slander, unrealistic fantasies and wrongful condemnation of the wicked one. Sooner or later, if we want to reach the spiritual Promised Land purchased for us with the blood of Jesus, we must quit falling for the same tricks and stupid suggestions of the one who hates both God and us.

One of the most important keys to walking in spiritual victory is found in our ability to rise up and claim what God says is ours and stand toe to toe with the adversary as we resist him. Just as Jesus refused to be intimidated by the Pharisees and Sadducees, so we must refuse to be intimidated by people of great power, preachers wagging their finger in our faces, “friends” who twist and turn our words into fabrications or any person, place or thing that opposes the truth of God in this world.

Yes, Jesus told us to turn the other cheek but he also said to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. In the physical realm we must be gentle and non-confrontational, but in the spiritual realm (where our warfare exists), we must wise, strong and bold IN THE LORD. As we stand fast upon the promises of God and refuse to buckle under the pressure of the enemy, we can step through the Red Sea escaping the enemy and through the Jordan River into the Promised Land of spiritual victory.


Great blog !

We cannot stop bad things from happening, but we sure can stop them from rendering us a frightened and helpless spiritual wimp.

We indeed need to stand and not lay down and wimp out ,seeing we have this victory set before us we should set our feet and stand our ground .

Be forever blessed

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

"We must stand fast upon the promises of God and refuse to buckle under the pressure of the enemy..."



K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Standing firm on Gods word for the battle is the Lords. Amen


Beth M @blest ·

Excellent blog!

I love when you write on this subject ~ spiritual warfare. You know of what you speak.

your blest

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