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Recently we had something happen which reinforced the principle of appreciating the blessings we have in this life. Last Saturday we were eater supper when we heard a pop and the lights flickered. After an investigation we could find nothing amiss and quickly forgot about it. The next morning it became very clear what had happened when my wife took her shower in lukewarm water.

As it turned out, the bottom element in our water heater cracked and a few drops of water hit the wire carrying the electricity to it causing a short and a small explosion. Not knowing how much damage was done I turned off the power to the heater and waited for the repair person to come check it out. The guy came and replaced the bottom element and thermostat Tuesday afternoon and told us not to use a lot of hot water until Wednesday morning. Considering how long it had been since we were able to take a shower, this was not welcome news.

Isn't it interesting how we take for granted so many things? We rarely give any thought to something like having hot water whenever we want it. We are so used to just turning on the faucet and within a few seconds having all the hot water we want to wash dishes, clothes and ourselves that we rarely think about how most people never got a hot water heater in their homes until after World War II. As is the case with refrigerators, air conditioning, microwaves and numerous other appliances; it was not that long ago such things were nothing but science fiction for they were not invented yet.

Taking a nice, long hot shower yesterday was a source of great joy for both of us. Normally a shower is simply a necessary thing we do daily or every other day. But, when deprived of a shower for a long time and forced to "wash up" with water heated on the stove, one never really feels clean. After taking my first shower in a number of days I honestly felt clean and renewed.

We have been washed by the blood of Jesus. He has made us clean by all He did for us on Calvary. We no longer have to feel "dirty" because He has cleansed us and made us white as snow. Thank God for all He has done for us and thank God for things like hot water which make our lives easier and hopefully allow us to walk in greater thanksgiving for all He has done and thus be a greater witness to His love.

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When I was a teenager, we had to have our hot water heater replaced and we had to go without hot water for a few days. It wasn't fun! Growing up, my mom lived in a house without electricity or indoor plumbing. She reminded me of that often when I grumbled about our broken water heater.

Like you say, it is easy to get used to things and take them for granted. It is easy to do that with God if we are not careful. Thanks for the reminder.


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