Closing the book on the past ten days

If I learned anything over the past ten days (and I learned a lot), it is the following;

  1. The strength of the family of faith here at Christian Blog is far stronger than anyone realizes. I pray that no one ever underestimates the power of community prayer manifested here. I would love to see the prayer request section filled with more and more requests-and the Praise section filled with more and more great reports. This is available through the outstanding mutual faith manifested by so many on this site.

  2. Faith can move mountains. There is no questioning my own faith and that of my wife. We are absolutely committed to God's Word regardless of the cost. But, as we found out the past ten days, there are times when the faith necessary to move mountains entails some added "horsepower". I stand in awe at the power of all the wonderful horses here. We have some real Kentucky Derby winners here!

  3. What appears to be is not what really is at times. So many times during my stay at the hospital things seemed to be indicating one thing both physically and spiritually. By the times events ran their course, what was really happening was quite different than what appeared to be going on.

  4. All men are liars, especially those who place personal fame and fortune ahead of integrity. Without going into details, I was lied to my face by the doctor whose care I was under. He came in Wednesday night and said many things which led me to believe he actually cared about me as a person. By 8:00 last evening when I left, it was painfully obvious I was just another patient number and plenty of $$$ to him.

  5. If you have a good relationship with your doctor, consider it a treasure worth a fortune. A huge part of why my stay in the hospital was so strained and not helpful for healing was the lack of a doctor who stayed involved with my case and tried to get me the best care possible. Due to be handed from one doctor to another constantly, there was no continuity of care and no one willing to deal with minor problems which arose.

  6. There is good reason why doctors and hospitals pay huge premiums to malpractice insurance companies. Everything associated with the placement of the first stent ten days ago was perfect and no complaint could be filed if I thought for days about it. Just about everything associated with the placement of the stents this past Tuesday was amiss. Needless to say the jury is still out on whether these things that went wrong were simple mistakes or more.

  7. Within a hospital are angels unawares as well as devils walking around with pitchforks. I saw and had both "take care of me" during my stay. For those who were there just earning a paycheck, they provided no meaningful care and in fact produced much stress. For those who did their job out of a sense of compassion-they were, in my books, angels sent there to take care of me.

I pray no one has to spend any time in a hospital, for even the best of them are far from perfect. Thank you for making my stay at least bearable through your prayers and messages of encouragement. I am praying that in spite of some ongoing complications, I can stay away from hospitals for another nine years. Other than a couple of 23 hour stays for minor surgical procedures I had not had to spend any time in a hospital since September of 2000.

Most of you do not have physical problems which pose any threat to you having to spend extended time in a hospital. Thank God for this. But, most of you have parents and others close to you who are reaching an age where they might be confined to either a hospital or nursing home soon. Please remember that as wonderful as these facilities are, they are far from perfect. Please remember that the longer one is confined, the more small problems become huge issues that stall the healing process and in fact reverse it. In other words, please manifest great love, patience, understanding and forgiveness for anyone upset by being cooped up in a hospital type setting. They need these things greatly.

I really never thought in a million years a few weeks ago that I would be spending tons of time in a hospital. It honestly never crossed my mind. The lesson to be learned is that we really don't know what the future holds, but we do know Him who holds the future.

Thank you for providing the prayer cover which enabled the Master to provide for me while confined to the hospital. Thank you for helping the Master take care of my situation and heal my heart. Thank you for helping God turn a bag of lemons into some lemonade. You are truly a mighty army for the Lord and I thank you for caring enough about me to pray and manifest faith that I would get better. Thank You.


We are glad to have you back and believing you are well on your way to "perfect" health. You will remain in our prayers. The folks in NC love you and are truly blessed by your ministry.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am thrilled that your ordeal has come to a close and you have finally been able to return home! :cool:

Despite my recent health issues, I've never had to spend more than 2 1/2 days in the hospital for which I am very, very grateful! I know what you mean about doctor patient relationships. I really prayed about my oncologist as we're together for the next five years and he is truly wonderful. He's the voice of reason and sanity in my unreasonable insane world. You can't let just anyone give orders to poison you! :wink:

It worked out the same way with my primary care physician after my wonderful pcp had to retire due to health issues. She only works two days a week and I just happened to need to see someone on one of her days. We connected immediately. That was a year before I got cancer. She keeps a very close eye on me as well and she is so caring and compassionate. She was thrilled to be the one to give me the news that my last biopsies were benign. She kept discreetly checking her email the whole time she was seeing me hoping the results would hurry up and come to her so that if were good news, I wouldn't have to stew about it anymore.

May God bless you with wonderful doctors in the future as he has blessed me with my "cancer team"; pcp, surgeon, medical oncologist, radiologist, radiation oncologist, diabetic nutritionist and last but certainly not least my extraordinary nurse navigator who keeps us from falling through the cracks and walking out on window ledges! :wink:

I know you have "sort of" been here but I'd just like to say "Welcome back to CB, B2Y! :welcome:

K :princess:

Rob Henson @greybear ·

It's good to have you home again[spacer] :-p ... .make sure you get enough rest...


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Amen to everything you've said. I have not spent long periods in the hospital, but after my first and biggest knee surgery, the nurse came in while I was in a morphine-induced stupor, throwing up due to the morphine. She just angrily fussed and fussed at me for not changing my gown or insisting that the other nurse come in and do it for me.

But the aide was kind and compassionate.

Your comment about angels and demons though -- right on. I am confident that everywhere we go, hospital, work, Walmart, there are indeed both angels and demons with us.

Welcome home!


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

B2Y as I read very early this morning that you were at home I was doin a dance and shouting "Praise God" :dance: :clap:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good thing my hubby is a very sound sleeper or I'm sure he might have called those guys with the little white coats.

As for extended time in the hospital -been there done that it is not fun- and I do know what you are saying about ifey care.

But Praise God that part is over with, now on with Rest and Restoration!!

Continuing in prayer,

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you one and all for the kind sentiments and I fully intend to both get rested and restored as well as play a more active role here, even if it is post some of my world renown humor. I will try and find some that is actually humorous this time. Thanks for you love, concern and prayers. Off to get my blood checked. Oh Boy.

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