Continued prayer requested for Kreynolds

Dear Community here at Christian Blog,

I just received the following message from Kathy's husband Dave. Some of this I knew, but I was unaware of the "stroke" part:

"Just a short update. Kathy had a stroke Thursday night around 10:30 pm. We got her to the hospital around 11:30 pm. She had surgery to repair a brain aneurysm on Friday. I have been told there is no neurological deficits-- equal strength in both arms and legs.

She is really tired. She was sitting up in a chair for a little while this AM. Later we took about a 20' walk. Then back in the chair and later back in bed. She's sleeping right now.

She's a bit disoriented with periods of lucidity. I haven't talked to the doctor yet... Keep praying."

Needless to say this situation is a bit more serious than originally believed yet I am totally persuaded that we have the ability within our family here to manifest the faith to provide the spiritual support both Kathy and Dave need right now. We serve a great big wonderful God who overflows with power and might. I know that Kathy is one of His dearest servants whose heart overflows with love and thanksgiving for us all.

Even as I write this my heart is so burdened for I know what she and her family are going through. I went through this with my dad many years ago. May we all rededicate our most earnest prayers to our Heavenly Father that His grace and mercy would be made manifest in and through the healing of His beloved daughter. May we also pray for Dave as he has put his life on hold to be with and help

Thank you for allowing me to share this update and I will continue to relay any information as I receive it.

Blessings 2 You

 Kirk M
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Sara Reckling (@oneofhisown)

B2Y, thank you for the update on K's health. Being the slacker I have been here on CB I first heard of her ailment from Galahad this morning in chat. I wish to encourage each person here to devote an hour of their day to prayer for K and her family's strength in handling the situation and for God's continued presence in their actions. May God shine through this family that has already been through so much. This, I believe, is why God allows bad things to happen to his faithful. So that they, through their hurt, can show God's ever present peace to unbelievers around them.

K, if you find the chance to read this, know that I am praying for God's will in your life, in your healing. I praise God for the day I met you, you have been a blessing on so many people, not only here at cb, but likely most people you've met. Sisterly love.