Contributing to the blessing of believers via PRAYER

Just one week ago I was in Grand Bay, Alabama delivering a van full of new clothes, toys and other supplies to TCCO. It was 85 degrees down there and for all practical purposes it was still summer. To prove this point, now there is a hurricane headed in the general direction of the very spot I was at a week ago.

Although the latest forecasts are sending the bulk of the energy with Ida to the east of Mobile, Alabama; there is a lot of rain and high tides heading for the entire Gulf Coast. Even though this storm is nothing compared to Katrina, the impact could still be very great due to the terrain along with the state of disrepair many places still are in.

I would certainly appreciate your prayers for the whole Gulf Coast but especially for Carolyn and the TCCO she directs. There are literally hundreds of people in varying stages of need already and the last thing they need is another storm surge to flood their area.

Thankfully every place I go doesnÂ't end up dealing with a huge disaster immediately after I left or I would get a complex. Of course some places have their crisis before I come. I had to adjust my plans this week due to a swine flu outbreak in one location I was planning to visit. Thankfully the outbreak came before I came.

After one more trip this weekend coming up, I plan to resume spending the majority of my time writing again. I wanted to let anyone reading this know that I am very aware of the downturn in quantity and quality of my blogs and that is due entirely to my traveling and lack of dependable internet access. I will get better, just wait and see.

Since September, I have been through or to 13 states primarily to visit a few of you wonderful believers along with other associates, family and old friends. I have managed to put nearly 8,000 miles on my two vans in the last two months. We wonÂ't even talk about how many gallons of gas have been donated to the cause.

Just in the past week I drove over 2,000 miles to Â"blessÂ" a total of 7 people. Many would call that insanity, irresponsibility or just plain stupidity. I call it being willing to literally go the extra mile to bless someoneÂ's life. Perhaps that is why despite being woefully tired, I am still blessed because I know some of GodÂ's people are more blessed than they were a week ago.

Want to be a blessing to someone today? Please pray for Carolyn and for TCCO. It doesnÂ't matter if you know what the letters stand for or who Carolyn is. I can assure you that both she and her group need all our prayers in regard to the current weather situation. Thank you for contributing to the blessing of believers via the greatest means possible—PRAYER.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Although we often feel like we are doing little if we "just" pray, in reality that is the very BEST thing we can do. I will remember Carolyn and TCCO in prayer.


K :princess:


Prayer changes things. I will pray for Carolyn and TCCO too.


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