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Our enemy is good and it would do us all well to never forget it. Too many times we mistakenly think that just because we have been given the victory in Jesus Christ that we have nothing to worry about in life. God's Word gives very clear instructions to never get complacent when it comes to the spiritual contest we are involved in. If we do not stay vigilant and sharp, we WILL end up either being deceived or beaten.

Our enemy is real and since he hates the God we love and serve, he hates us. Although we have spiritual authority over the devil and his minions, we have not been given a magic wand and ruby red shoes to dance and giggle our way through life. We have to EXERCISE this authority or we might as well not have it. We may have the inherent power (dunamis), but we must exercise it (exousia) to see its impact in the senses realm (kratos). How is that for sneaking in some Greek words?

Both the true God and the devil know us very well. The difference is that God knows our heart and motives whereas the devil only knows our actions and reactions. It is not that God doesn't see what we do, but He is far more concerned about WHY we did it than WHAT we did it. The devil doesn't know why we do things; he only takes note that we did them and then logically tries to figure out why through looking for patterns of behavior.

It does come as a complete surprise to many believers to find out that they are constantly being watched by enemy spies. This is nothing to be afraid of nor is it anything to get angry about. It is simply a part of the spiritual contest we are involved in. Our enemy sends scouts to watch us and look for weak points whereby enemy forces can slip in undetected and either lay a land mine or a trip cord.

Remember, the enemy cannot deduce WHY we do what we do, for he cannot read our minds. All the enemy scouts can do is document WHAT we do in given situations and how we react to various things. If we habitually and chronically let down our guard at a certain time or place; it is a dead certainty the enemy will be there one of these days. The enemy is also constantly looking for flaws either in our character or the way we handle situations.

If it is established that a believer has a quick temper regarding situations in a certain category; the enemy will surely send his minions to attempt to provoke the desired response. If it is established that a believer who has succeeded in breaking free from alcohol or drug addiction is vulnerable to a relapse if their feelings get hurt; the enemy will flood that person's life with people intent on hurting him.

Each one of us needs to strive to know ourselves at least as well as our enemy. We need to be fully aware of our strong points as well as our weak ones. It is critically important to know where our weakest link is; for the enemy will always attack weakness first and most relentlessly. Whatever this weak link may be, it demands effort to build it up and make it strong.

Watching the many times futile attempts to beef up levees along flooding rivers is a great example of this principle. Each levee is only as strong as its weakest spot. When the pressure of the flooding water hits the levee and keeps asserting pressure upon it, in due time if it is weak, it will break. Pressure has a way of seeking out weakness and exploiting it.


If your weak point is anger, get it managed and under control. If your weak point is €œshooting your mouth off€, get a harness for your tongue and use it. If your weak point is worry, get a book full of promises and have it on hand at all times. If your weak point is impatience, learn to slow down before it is too late. If your weak point is envy or jealousy, get help fast before you make a mistake you will regret a lifetime. If your weak point is health issues, then seek to eat healthy food, take vitamins and exercise.

If a person's weak point is stealing, then he is to steal no more, but rather work with his hands so he has something to give those in need. Every weak point has an antidote. If the weak point is bitterness, then the antidote is forgiveness. If the weak point is fear, then the antidote is trust. First find the weak point and then find the antidote and USE IT. The weak points we have are poison to our walks. The antidotes neutralize those poisons and keep us from suffering the consequences of them.

Whatever and wherever you are weakest is precisely where the enemy will send his finest warriors. This is why in sections of God's Word such as Ephesians 4 or Colossians 3 there are long lists of behavior problems which need to be corrected via the renewed mind. Putting off the old man with his deeds and putting on the new man is how we shore up those weak points in our walk.


We do well to remember that we must be sober and vigilant for the devil our adversary walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
We must resist him stedfast in the faith and not be afraid as God has provided the way out - His Blood for our protection, His Holy Spirit and empowerment, His Word with precious promises, His armour so we do not flinch from attack- and we must stand and fight in His Name.
Praise the Lord we can win for He is our victory - let us claim it and fight from victory.

A timely blog especially as the days are running short for the adversary and his minions.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

When I was in my late teens, a minister once told me that I needed to always remember that the enemy was an angel. A fallen angel. This is not taking the enemy lightly for on our own there is no possible way we can withstand an angel... even a fallen one. However, there is NO WAY an angel, fallen or otherwise is equal to God in any way, shape or form. While the enemy would love for us to elevate him to such a position, it is the height of folly to do so. He might be a roaring lion but God shuts the mouths of lions and renders them powerless! Oh how I love that story of Daniel in the lions' den for it reminds me this is so!

Weak points. Yes, we all have them. I call them "trigger points". They are areas/situations in my life where I need to watch out for if I am not careful, I will trip and fall down in the mud!

This is a timely blog for me. I have noticed that since my brain aneurysm, my guard has loosened up on one of my trigger points. It would be easy to say I've been ill, had bad stuff happen to my brain therefore it is not my fault, life has been very stressful, etc but... while all of that may be true, while some of it may indeed be a "side-effect", God expects me to lay my trigger points at His feet and ask Him to help me to always to behave like a :princess:.


K :princess:


Dear B2Y--Excellent blog, my friend. "Each of us needs to know ourselves at least as well as our enemy." Is that not the danger of gossip, other than tearing down another person? As long as my focus is in the flaws and weaknesses of others--real or perceived, then I cannot concentrate on my own. A pastor I know once observed, "I never get better by confessing others' sins."

"Our enemy is good and it would do us all well to never forget it." I've long believed that satan doesn't care if I believe in Jesus, read my Bible, go to church or pray. He believes. He quotes Scripture. He has infiltrated churches. And he has lots of people praying to him--knowingly or unconsciously. He makes a lot of mileage by actually convincing people that he and his demons are mythical; then he blindsides them.

Keep up the good work, my friend and brother. ;) With brotherly love in Christ--Ron


Great job on sneaking some Greek words in.

Not enough is mentioned about our active energetic foe.
Glad you put forth a well written post on it.

Your Brother in Christ,

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