Do your best and don't fret over the rest

A year ago our dog Sheba blew out her cruciate ligament in her rear leg. She was utterly helpless for a season because she was in so much pain and could not put any weight on that leg. Since surgery was not an option, all we could do was give her pain medication and make her life comfortable. A month later it was determined she also had a compound fracture of her leg that due to her age would never heal.

Sheba has learned to adapt to first a splint which she wore for 8 months and now a simple wrap around the area of the fracture. On her good days she actually scoots around about as good as she used to and the only thing slowing her down is the other rear leg. On her bad days the injury does greatly impact her and she does little walking and a lot of sleeping.

If a dog can learn to live with and compensate for a ruptured cruciate ligament and a permanently fractured leg; certainly we humans should be able to learn how to live with the physical and mental problems we suffer. I am truly amazed to see the incredible things people who have lost their legs, arms, eyes etc can do. These people learn to use what they have and not fret about what they have lost. This is a lesson every one of us needs to learn whether we are disabled or not.

Within each and every one of us are talents, abilities and skills God placed within us when He made us. Many times, these talents are not impacted by physical limitations nor are they dependent upon physical or mental perfection. For a person who has a great ability to think, it makes little difference what happens to their legs or arms. Likewise, a person who has great physical skills does not need to be genius to use them.

A person not exercising their God given abilities will never be happy. A person thrust into doing things they cannot handle or are able to do will usually fail miserably. Each one of us needs to establish what God given abilities we possess and then find avenues where those abilities can be used to the blessing, encouragement and edification of the Body of Christ.

I cannot fix a car, build a house or fly an airplane; but I can write and manifest great compassion to those in need. Therefore, I can either try and become a mechanic or focus on what I can do and do it the best I can.

God calls some to be pastors, teachers, prophets etc within the Church. God also calls many to serve tables, pick up the trash, cook the meals and straighten the chairs. No one is more important than the other for we are ONE BODY and when each one of us does what we can do the best we can do it, everyone is blessed including us.


Excellent blog b2u, when I first saw the title I was expecting to read something completely different.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I knew of Sheba's injuries and I knew of how she was getting along. That being said, I was not prepared to actually see how well she is doing. I noticed something else though. While she dearly loves you and Blest, I noticed her exhibiting that love even more so towards you this time. I remembered how you would carry her out when she could not get outside. Now, that might not sound like such a big deal to people if they are envisioning a lap dog. Sheba is definitely not a lap dog! Having had the pleasure of being personally acquainted with Sheba, I realize this was not an easy feat.

A lot of people would have said it was too much to do. However, you faithfully cared for your companion and friend. The result is, she does not like to let you out of her sight. Though wounded physically, she is fully aware that she has nothing to fear for you will care for her. Even though she is "broken in body", the love you and Blest have for her is not diminished.

Yes, healing does demonstrate the love of God. At the same time, however, it is when we are helpless and broken, completely dependent on Him that a unique bond occurs. May we keep our eyes on Him and be obedient... no matter what!


K :princess:


Amen to this message! We need to identify and then persue our spiritual gifts, to His glory and praise. I pray daily that I will do or write something which may help to bring a soul to Christ. I may never know if I am successful or not, but that isn't the point. What is important is that I, (we) remain committed to trying each day.

Thanks for sharing, B2y! God bless...



We doubt, we complain and we spread it like a sickness, may God forgive us, may we study the Word for clarity and understanding and pray for an increase in faith...bless you for the message, Amen!

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