Does one's man-cave define one's manhood?

Some things people do in this life simply amaze. One of those things is the so called need for men to have their “man cave” . Most of these caves are equipped with a 400 inch high def television, a sound system that will broadcast the sporting event they are watching to the next country, a fully stocked wet bar, enough Doritos and M and M's to feed a football team, and chairs that literally swallow the sitter up. Some of these caves have pool tables, ping pong tables, pin ball machines, a putting green and a bowling alley. A few of the top of the line models have a basketball court, a full size hockey rink and a 100 yard football field. What is so amazing is how somehow this all fits in a room no bigger than a large bedroom.

I am currently sitting here looking at the barren wall of my cave. It is in our unfinished basement. I like it down here because it is quiet and it is cool. While the temperature and humidity outside make for heat indexes in the quadruple digits, I am contentedly cool down here in our basement full of clothing (for our struggling online business) and boxes (to ship said clothing). There are no televisions, sound systems, wet bars, food or comfortable chairs. Instead, there are a couple of ancient desks and even more ancient chairs that Beth and I use to work at.

My “man cave” consists of an ancient desktop computer, a printer and a small fan. Other than a few Bibles and research books, that is it. Granted, my cave is boring, but it is functional and did I say, it is COOL. I know, everyone with a man cave says theirs is cool, but very few can actually say theirs is COOL. I used to have my desk upstairs in the living room, and before that it was on the third floor in a spare bedroom. I remember during the summer months being so very hot with papers sticking to my arms and trying to find less and less clothing to wear. I used to envision how nice it would be to have my desk in the unfinished basement with cement walls and cement floors. A few years ago I did it. I moved my desk down to the dungeon.

Most people hate basements. They are afraid of the bogey man living down there, the scary noises the furnace makes and the huge bugs that dwell down there. I figure that greater is the one living inside of me than he who is living in the basement. I figure I am bigger and stronger than any bogey man or bug and that has borne itself out many times as I squashed one of our ugly insects that come out of hiding once or twice per year. To me, it is worth the minor inconvenience of periodic floods, the clutter of a plastic bins and hanging clothes and having to go upstairs to the bathroom when nature calls just to have a COOL and quiet place to think, pray and work.

I know that this blog is not my typical serious, Bible teaching or complaining about my physical woes blog. I decided to throw caution to the wind and for once, and just once, write about something near and dear to my heart; my COOL and quiet cave (it is not literally a MAN cave because Beth's desk is down here too). Since I do not watch sporting events, watch about one or two movies per year, do not play any recreational activity; my cave is perfect for me. Besides, if I got the itch to bowl, play tennis, play a round of golf or hit the baseball around; all I need to do is move all the stuff to the side and make use of the 50 foot long room that is plenty long enough for a basketball game (with 8 foot goals due to the ceiling) or a touch football game.

Well, there you have it. A B2Y blog that is absolutely out of character but one that was genuinely fun for me to write. A few of you old timers may remember that I DO have a sense of humor that occasionally pops up. Now that I have had my one “happy” blog, I promise to be a good boy and resume writing the way I am supposed to write. Thank you for allowing me to have some fun, and remember; the points don't matter.

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Sarah VM

Nothing to say except ... :cool: blog.
I enjoyed hearing about your man-and-woman-cave
God bless,

Phillip Jones

My father had a man cave it was our home. He had the weird notion that since it was his hard work that provided everything for us, including the roof over our heads, that things would be done his way. He was so old fashioned. In those ancient days a lot of men felt that way though.

Barbra Lambert

A fun blog about a really :cool: place!

K Reynolds

My husband's "man-cave" is what we call "The Library". It was designed to be a living room but as it was a rather small room and right below it is a much larger family room with a fireplace, it really never got used when it was a living room.

Currently it has four bookcases, though it needs a few more, I think. It has a simple desk picked up on Craig's list that sits in front of an oversized window that is longer than the desk and has a nice view of the strip of woods behind our houses. This is where he studies, reads and writes papers or converses with me when I slip in and settle into "my chair". There are only two chairs in there, his and mine, when I use it.

My "cave" is next door. I'm the one who has a ceiling fan overhead as, like you, I usually think it is too warm. I too, can look out at the woods but I think the monitor blocks my view so I have my desk beside my large window rather than in front of it. Besides, it makes it easier for me to open the window that way. While it sort of doubles as our "office", this is pretty much my space as evidenced by the decor though I too have a chair for him in one of the corners by my bookcase as well.

We all need our little space.


K :princess:

John Knox

Man cave - what do you mean? I have not such place and I am content with my lot as I sit in our lounge with a lap top on my knees. In fact a room called a basement is not build here in NZ. Kirk I enjoyed your blog and you do have to feel bad about writing it for this blog is just part of who you are.



And the points don't matter! lol
He's not kidding - it is cold down there. I wear sweats down there 365 days a year. Which is difficult to explain if someone knocks on the door in July when it's over 100 degrees ...

Kirk M

I suppose I should have put this at the beginning, but a man cave is defined as:

a room or other area in a home that is primarily a male sanctuary, designed and furnished to accommodate the man's recreational activities, hobbies, etc.

There is a whole culture where men brag about their man caves and go to great trouble and expense to make their cave the best in the city etc.

Thank you for your thoughts and possibly a chuckle or two.


Sandy Brooks

Loved this blog -makes me smile.



Sandy Brooks

Loved this blog -makes me smile.