Don't waste your mind (or let it waste you)

The human mind has to be one of the greatest things God created. The ability we humans have to reason, logically figure things out and think rationally is truly incredible. No other living being has even a fraction of mental capacity as humans have.

The things that make the human mind so amazing are what allow humans to know, understand and communicate with God. No other animal has the ability to do this. But, the very things that make the mind so incredible have, ever since the fall in Genesis 3, drive people away from God. Some things are truly the height of irony aren t they?

This reminds me of the power that comes from splitting atoms. From this nuclear energy comes the ability to provide electricity to millions of people, but from this same energy comes the ability to destroy those same people.

The human mind can either be trained to think about God or reject Him. The mind can be renewed to think the way God thinks or be conditioned to think according to the flesh and not the spirit. Due Adam's transgression, by our very nature we are enemies with God in our minds. But, once we get saved and have within us the Holy Spirit to guide and teach us, we can be reconciled with God.

What we do with our minds is our choice. We can dwell on evil or worthless things of this world, or the righteous and good things of God. We can use our minds to study the things of the flesh, or the things of the spirit. We can choose to use our minds to find ways to help others or help ourselves only.

Generally speaking, those who devote most of their mental energy to worldly matters find it very difficult to believe in or have a close relationship with God. Thankfully this is not always the case and some have used their God given intelligence to find cures for diseases, technology to help others and a multitude of other good things.

The mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste but it also can be a terrible waste to allow the mind to alienate one s heart from God. Truly it behooves us to renew our minds to the Word of God and in so doing, be transformed into the very image of Christ who lives within us.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Having spent most of my life in academia, I'm very well acquainted with what you describe. I have encountered so many [i]brilliant[/i] people who get caught up in the track of worshiping intellect rather than God, the One who created them and blessed them with their talent and ability.

We must be very careful and indeed renew our minds to the Word of God.


K :princess:


This is really inspiring, but what is knowledge without wisdom? Lunch time I thought, all the knowledge I was exposed to, mathematically and scientifically, financially all had a spiritual guidance to allow me to understand the greatness of God s creation his mercy through Jesus Christ our saviour. It all fell into place suddenly like a puzzle that completed itself before me. I was allowed to see the full picture of his Power and Might I was allowed to see His minute detail of perfection and order. For every action there is a counter reaction to re-establish and maintain balance something we mere humans can never understand we are not capable of such balance without Him.
However exposed to the wrong knowledge is also bad for the mind, I was lucky indeed that that was not His will but in the end He used it to His advantage. The internet is filled with false stimuli and everything we are exposed to hold some influence and reconditioning without us realising it. God is even protecting His children from that through the Holy Spirit we see the joke of that false knowledge.


Diana Lopez @loveiseternal ·

Please love yourself. That's more important than wisome. The truth Jesus douse all things in me. That means all things are done through him. Nobody can make things happen only our creator can create. All things come from him and those who are his children are only as good as he let's them be. Its true, education and knowledge is good for doing good things but not all people who will do the best things for God will have education or titles. Or be good speakers or have a status. True follewers are led. John 21:18 to 20.
Let us be led by Jesus just like an old person is led to eat or how babies are caried around in their parents arms. Knoledge is good but alowing Jesus to carry us and to teach us walk us or even lay us down is more important than knowledge. After all you don't need to know how to spell to feed cloth ore shelter the homeless.

Love always.


Dave, it's always good to read what you have to say. It seems to be sound doctrine, and is put to us in a very "down to earth" kind of way! Indeed we have a wounderous mind, cabable of good and/or bad thinking. This is why we need to think on those things which are good and righteous...
(see Philippians 4:8).

Now, if our minds are cabable of such great things, imagine the mind of God! Wow...



Thank you Brother Kirk for this message of not let our minds be polluted! God Bless you richly! Dave

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