Enduring the swealtering summer of 2012 at God's cool oasis

Usually at this time of year, the B2Y ranch is beautiful. The pastures are green and the surrounding fields are full of thriving corn or beans. The trees would normally be full of birds and the grass would usually have to be mown every week.

It has been nearly a month since we have had one drop of rain and during the month, all but a few days the temperature has been over 100 degrees. The results of such cruel weather are both ugly as well as dangerous. Even growing up in Kansas, I have never witnessed the impact a prolonged period of heat and drought can have on a locale such as I see around here now.

No more than ten miles from here the grass is green and the crops are doing fine because they received a couple of downpours we missed. Only five miles from here, the situation is not as critical as it is here due to some rain they received a week ago.

Looking out at our poor horse searching the pasture for one patch of living grass makes my heart sick. Having to feed our horse hay in June/July makes me nervous because that hay is supposed to be used next December and January.

When we purchased this house 8 years ago, one of things we loved the most was a beautiful young willow tree in the back yard. Over the years, that tree had grown to be a full sized tree and endured all nature could throw at it. Between a woodpecker and the drought, the tree has died. This week I will have to cut it down and instead of seeing a source of happiness, we will see a stump reminding us of what was but is no more.

The corn crop planted next to our house looked excellent a month ago. Now it is burned up and I am sure it will be used for silage and perhaps the ground used for wheat later. All around us, farmers are lamenting the impact the heat and drought have had on their crops and income.

For many, who do not depend on God, this summer is pushing them over the brink of despair and/or anger. They seek to find someone to blame for their woes and many times end up blaming God. For many, this summer is ending up being a test of their faith and a trial of their trust in and love for God.

As difficult as this summer has been, God is still a refreshing oasis of life and joy. Even in a dry and parched land, God is a cool breath of fresh air and a river of living water flowing through the parched land. Truly our salvation is in God and in Him we live and move and have our being. God is, as He always has been, the rock of all ages and the strength of our lives.

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Has the countdown to 1500 started yet in your brain??

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I've spend a lot of time wandering about in the desert over the past few years, B2Y. I am reminded though, that even the desert has it's beauty and there are times when even the desert can bloom. It is in the desert that I learn to totally rely on God to shelter, protect and sustain me.


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Things are much the same here in my little town in Illinois B2Y. The rain has gone all around us while everything near us is dried up and dying. The trees have turned brown and their leaves are falling. The corn looks like it's October not July. Even the wheat straw is parched almost white rather than it's normal golden color. It rather reminds me that without water their is no life, just as without the water of God's word their is no life in us.


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