Faith conquers fear

In some dark alley, around some blind corner or in some forgotten closet lurks something we are afraid of or hoped to never have to confront. Even the strongest person quakes in his boots when confronted by a ghost from the past or the horror of a lifelong phobia. Fear is nothing to scoff at for it is real and can radically change the way a person thinks or acts.

Fear can either be of the future or the past. Either way, fear is a monster that must be eliminated or at least neutralized in order to function without looking over one s shoulder constantly or in a constant state of doubt, worry or dread of what lies ahead.

Confidence, trust and faith are the kryptonite to fear, the sign of the cross to worry and the Achilles heel to dread. The undoing of all fear is unwavering trust and faith in the promises of God. Trust disarms and faith destroys the fiery darts of the wicked one intended to play upon our fears and disrupt the peace in our hearts that all will be well.

Many of Jesus' disciples were fishermen by trade. These were hardened men who had endured all the sea could throw at them. Yet, these same men quivered and shook with dread when a storm arose one night as they crossed the Sea of Galilee. While Jesus slept, his disciples panicked as the winds grew stronger and the waves grew taller.

When they could no longer stand the torment their fear put them through, they woke up Jesus proclaiming "Master, we perish". In between the lines of this frenzied statement lies the truth which was that these men thought Jesus didn t care about their lives and/or that He did not have the ability to do anything about their impending doom.

Oh how many times have we found ourselves adrift in the storm of fear and dread? How many times have we dared think that Jesus neither cares nor can help us? How many times instead of crying out "Lord save us", we whine about perishing instead? Confidence, trust and faith demand we believe our Master is with us and is able to calm the storms that seek to destroy us.

Whether it is skeletons in the closets of our past, current hopeless situations we are in the middle of or anxiety about what lies ahead; we need to put our faith on the line and proclaim "Lord I believe". Instead of allowing the monsters of doubt, worry and fear to render us paralyzed or timid, we need to fight by raising up the shield of faith and quenching those fiery darts intent on our destruction.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Just last night I was reading a post on a cancer site about a woman who was four years out from breast cancer. She had developed a pain that would not go away and went to the doctor. The scans showed that not only were there spots on her bones; her liver was filled with tumors as well. She'd been diagnosed as have stage 2A breast cancer four years ago and now she is stage 4. Until she developed this pain, she thought she was fine...but she wasn't.

I was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer four years ago...

You can see where this is going, B2Y. My initial response as I read that woman's post was, "That could happen to me!" It was late and I headed off to bed. The moment I laid down, thoughts about how I laid down one night and almost didn't wake up attempted to bombard me. There it was rearing it's ugly head again... fear.

When this happens I must stop focusing on the storm and place my eyes upon Him. I must remember that I do not ride the waves alone! No matter how fierce the storm is, even if it leads to physical death, God is with me... and all is well.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

As I was reading this, the words "God is the author and finisher of our faith" came to mind. I though on what that 'translates' to now, and came (not surprisingly) to "the beginning and the end". It is easy to forget, in the midst of turmoil, that He was was with us when we first opened our heart to him and he has not and will not let go. We forget that faith means keeping our eyes fastened on God - in trouble AND peace - and allowing Him to direct our path.[quote]Confidence, trust and faith demand we believe our Master is with us and is able to calm the storms that seek to destroy us [/quote]


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