From darkness to light takes time, glorious time

One of the most astounding and incredible things that takes place every day is the sunrise. I believe that most people fail to take into consideration just how profound this event really is for many never see it or take note of it if they do.

God could have chosen to have the sun just pop up each morning. For that matter, God could have chosen to have the sun never set. But instead, God designed things so that each day there is a long period of dawn and an equally long period of dusk. God made it so that we don't abruptly go from darkness to light and from light to darkness.

Like so many things, the question becomes one of WHY? Why did God determine that a long period of dawn was better than the sun just appearing each day? Why did God allow a long period of dusk instead of the sun just falling out of the sky each day?

I think we underestimate the power and wisdom of our God at times. God knows everything and knows what the best in everything is. God knew that the best way to start each day was for there to a slow and gradual easing into daylight and the same in the evening. Just as God knew that seasons would be needed to produce crops, He also knew that humans would not function well abruptly switching from darkness to light and vice a versa.

Just in the time I have been writing this, the day has gone from the very beginnings of dawn with just enough light to make out trees to that stage of the morning where you can see everything clearly, but the sun is still quite a few minutes from actually rising. This process only took about 20 minutes, but it amazes me every time I am aware of it.

This period of time is called twilight€ and marks the time between dawn and sunrise and sunset and dusk. Scientifically there are actually three degrees of twilight; civil, nautical and astronomical. The closer one gets to either pole on earth the longer twilight lasts to the point there are places that remain in twilight all night during the summer.

The sun has officially risen and suddenly the landscape has changed radically. Now that the sun above the horizon all that was unclear is now perfectly visible. Would not it be accurate to look at the process of spiritual growth and maturity in the same way as the dawning of a day? We don't get saved and everything changes all at once in our minds. It takes a long time to make the transition from darkness to the light.

This discussion reminds me of 2 Peter 1:19:

And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts;

Our understanding of God's ways and means takes time. Just as it takes time for the darkness of night to transition into the glorious light of day, so it takes time to emerge from the darkness of unbelief and bask in the light of the truth. May we never try to speed up the dawning of the day as the SON rises in our hearts.

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How I love the twilight! I love to sit and watch the light gradually fill up the sky until the sun bursts forth and I love to watch the lingering light after the sun has set. It is like a goodbye kiss... a promise to hold and keep you until the sun returns again.

May I learn to love the spiritual twilights as well and remember that twilight does not last forever!


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