From Sheba to Shadrach, God continues to bless us!

In just two weeks we have gone from nursing a very sick old dog in hospice to getting a wonderful big one year old “puppy” with energy and associate mischievousness galore. Instead of all my time being spent caring for, cleaning up after and mourning the loss of our beloved Sheba, all of my time the past week has been spent repairing fences and rejoicing in our new dog “Shadrach”.

When we set out to find a new dog, we decided we were too old for a puppy and we didn’t want to deal with a big dog as he got old a few years from now. So, what do we end up with? We end up with a one year old Great Pyrenees who is about 5 feet long and already weighs about 100 pounds. Oh the best laid plans of mice and men...

Shadrach is far and away the most loving and smart dog we have ever had. Over the years we have owned many Great Pyrenees dogs, but none were like Shadrach. He is truly a one of kind blessing from God. In many respects, I look at Shadrach as the very best birthday present I could ever receive.

When I think of the grief I was dealing with two weeks ago today and then the joy I have felt the past few days, I know that God truly does watch over us in all matters, both great and small. Many Christians think of dogs as nothing but a distraction, keeping them from their high and mighty righteous service. I prefer to think of them, and cats also, as a source of love, devotion, joy and companionship.

Dogs are not mentioned in the Bible (as pets), but neither are computers, automobiles, television or a host of other things we have determined are “of God”. Long ago I decided that God created dogs to be a blessing, watch dogs, working dogs and companions.

We drove 4 hours to get Shadrach from a rescue place in southern Missouri. As we toured the facility, we heard horror story after horror story of neglect and abuse. It is unbelievable what some people do to dogs in the name of fun, anger or money.

Our hearts broke for many of the 200 dogs we saw who survived unbelievable abuse. In spite of what they went through, they still loved humans and long to be devoted and loyal companions. Dogs could teach us a lot about forgiveness if we would listen.

Despite having the equivalent of a canine toddler in the house, we are thrilled and blessed beyond description by our beloved Shadrach. As he learns some “manners” and burns off some of his boundless energy, we are sure he will turn into a beautiful and gentle giant of a dog. Our prayer is that he can be trained to take to nursing homes and other places where lonely people need a true friend. Thank you for all your prayers!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

When Shadrach moved from a shelter to the B2Y Ranch... well... I know that God was smiling down on him for truthfully I cannot think of a better place for him to live. Yes, there are challenges and adjustments which have to be made. There always are but in the end it will be worth it. That would be lovely if he could eventually become a visitor dog, bringing some smiles to the faces of those who are in need of one and being a blessing to them as well.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Happy for you! Let us know how the dog-cat friendship develops:).

God Bless Brother. billy.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I have to agree with K :princess: I don't think Shadrach could have found a more loving home anywhere.

I knew God had just that right dog for you. He just needed a little time to get you together. Actually I was praying for a Newfie, but God had Shadrach in mind. :mrgreen:

Yes he is still a puppy and will be for sometime yet. Like a child he just needs someone to show him the "rights" from the "wrongs" and bear with him as he learns them. Which is why God sent him to the B2Y ranch.

Praying Jehosacat gets over his pout and even becomes friends with this new Giant in his house.


Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

I too love dogs. My beloved sheltie, gizmo, died 3 years ago and I was crushed. I also didn't want to start over with a puppy. We ended up dog sitting for my adult daughter's black lab, Aggie, becuase she and her family were at work and school each day, and poor Aggie was alone most of the time. that dog sitting stint has become "almost" permanent, and both Aggie and I are very happy with the arrangement. Good luck with your new buddy. - bibleguy

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