God is faithful and God will provide

Some would say “when it rains it pours” regarding our present situation down here at the B2Y ranch. In rapid fire succession our car was placed on hospice, we HAD to replace our flooring due to odor and stains from sick dogs, our huge window in the living room was discovered to be just about ready to fall off the house and now just yesterday our hot water heater died. Of course some would say we deserve all this because we are wicked people who lead believers astray with our devilish doctrines. But, I offer a much better opinion.

Our car has nearly 210,000 miles on it. It has been on “hospice” for about 30,000 of those miles. As long as I am willing to pour the one to two quarts of oil in weekly, I believe the car might go another 30,000 miles. Although it is a 12 year old car, 90% of its miles are highway. It has hung in there because of our faith and will continue to hang in there through the prayers and faith of many who faithfully pray for it.

We had known for YEARS that our flooring had to be replaced. It came as no surprise when the time came for it to happen. For white carpet to have lasted nearly 10 years with various very sick dogs in the house was quite amazing. We wiped out our savings in order to get laminate flooring installed. Although the dogs slip and slide on it, it is much more practical for our situation.

Our house is nearly 40 years old. Slowly but surely over the years we have replaced the original windows with modern energy efficient ones. Back when we got the house in 2004 I should have had the big window replaced but due to so many other things being done, it sort of got forgotten. For that window to have “hung in there” for 9 years is a testimony to God's protection.

The electric hot water tank was installed in May of 2004. We quit using soft water in 2007. In the words of the plumber who was here yesterday, it is a “miracle” that the hot water heater lasted this long due to our circumstances. Unfortunately there is no way to repair the bottom element so we will have to get a new one, but 9+ years for an electric water heater with very hard water is very good.

The point of all this is not to solicit pity (certainly we would not turn down prayers thoughJ) but to make a bold statement that we believe God has watched over and protected our car and home for many years and since we were and are willing to drive an old car, live with ugly carpets, look out of a sagging old window and have periodic times of no hot water; God made sure everything worked way past how long it should have (according to the world).

God taking care of us is not limited to providing us with new “stuff” all the time but rather helping us get by with what we have without having to replace it. Most of us have tons of stories of God keeping a car running, appliances going, heaters and air conditioners working and our bodies functioning when they should have broken down and quit working. God is faithful and God will provide.

God will provide. That is a statement of our faith. We refuse to believe God would leave us stranded with no transportation, living in a house with a big open spot where a window belongs or having to take cold showers. However He chooses, we believe God will provide according to His timetable and in accordance with His will. That, we believe, is how we should live our lives and how we should feel about everything that confronts us in this life.

As always, Blessings 2 You!