God is love and God loves me

We spend much of our lives wandering and stumbling about, once in awhile actually ending up in the center of God's will. Things happen that we have no explanation for and many times no understanding of how to handle.

We are raised and conditioned to be "control freaks". We are most comfortable when we know what is coming, when and why. Since we are creatures of habit, we tend to retreat into our "comfort zone" when difficult times arise, for it there that we feel safe and secure.

It is interesting to note the different places and things people do when buffeted by pressure or get spun around by situations to the point disorientation and confusion reign. Some people take to binge eating, others to drinking, others to sleep, others to physical activities and others to a movie etc. When the storms blow around us, we instinctively retreat to wherever we feel protected and secure.

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to change in our lives is that instead of retreating to our comfort zone in times of trouble we should trust GOD to be our refuge and shelter. The love, comfort, encouragement and tenderness of God far exceed the temporary benefits found in our lifelong earthly comfort zones. If we can come to the point we totally believe God is love and that God loves us, then we feel comfortable being at rest in Him.

Without an absolute belief that God is our Father and that God loves us because we are His children, there is no confidence to approach Him with anything other than formal heartless traditions. That which breathes life into our relationship with God is the unshakeable conviction that God is love and that God loves us relentless and unconditionally.

The only reason the "prodigal son" mustered the courage to return home was his belief that his father loved him enough to take him back. He was not disappointed. Not only did his father take him back, he treated him as royalty and showered him with enough love to cover the multitude of his sins.

No matter what we do in this life, God still loves us. Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. No matter how difficult times get, how dark the day becomes or how hopeless situations appear; God is there with open arms waiting for us to find our refuge and shelter in Him and His love.

The very first thing God showed me way back in 1969 was that He is love. To this day, some 42 years later, if there is one thing I know to be absolutely and eternally true, it is that God is love and that no matter what God loves me. God loves you too!

Deb Adams @beelady ·

blessings2you, Amen to what you say here. I think we all need to be reminded of this sometimes. Well-stated! Thank you. God bless.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is what is at the core of everything. God is love and God loves us... in spite of ourselves.


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