God is, was and will always be...

From the very depths of the universe Almighty God proclaims to all who want to see and know Him that He is the creator of the heavens and the earth.  In every aspect of creation we see His handiwork, His power and majesty.  In every living thing we see the very essence of what God is, and that is LIFE.

Almighty God is not the god of death or hate.  He is, as He always has been, the God of Life and Love. 

Why did God bother to create this world in which we live?  Why did He not be content to fellowship with angels?  That Almighty God would see fit to create this earth and fill it with plants and animals in preparation for us being here is an act of super abounding love and grace.

Almighty God is not the god of despair or disgrace.  He is, as He always will be, the God of Hope and Grace.

We know that in the beginning God told Adam and Eve that He had given to them, for their blessing, all that is on and in the earth.  God gave them the herbs and fruit of the earth for their healing and nourishment.  God made all the animals subject to them to be beasts of burden and sources of companionship and enjoyment.

Almighty God is not the god of stoicism and lack.  He is, and always will be the God of Abundance and Blessings.

Even after man’s terrible fall, God did not strike him dead on the spot or place him in chains to live out his life in prison.  No, God simply laid out the new rules in Genesis chapter 3 which entailed hard work for both the woman and the man.  Instead of childbearing and working the earth being a joy; those things would now involve pain and hard grueling work. 

Almighty God is not the god of injustice or spite.  He is, as He always has been, the God of Righteousness and Justice.

Our God is a mighty God of power and strength and might.  He is not as other gods who are not able to aid, help or assist anyone.  Our God is a loving God who constantly is looking out for and watching over His children and who only desires the best for them.  Our God is He who made us to worship Him and placed within us the need and desire to please Him.  Our God knows our frame and everything about us for He is the one who made us. 

As we go about our business here in life, I pray that we always seek to place God where He deserves to be in our hearts and minds, and that is of course FIRST.  May we strive to never relegate Him to the position of being just another god among many, but rather that He is who He was, is and always will be—Almighty God, our creator and loving Father forever more.

As always, Blessings 2 You!



K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I think what you have said is critical to remember. When we recognize that God is good, then we understand that even when terrible things happen to us, there is a greater good that will emerge as a result of that. That is sooooooooo hard for us to grasp and even see. How can destruction and death have anything good spring forth from them? We forget that we do not see the whole picture. We only see the here and now which is right in front of our nose. God however, sees and knows everything in the past, present and future. We must learn to trust Him... no matter what.


K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Likewise your ability to keep 'turning' out great blogs takes my breathe away.


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