God will protect and deliver (if we let Him)

I am no expert and I am no "seer". What I am is someone who tries to have eyes to see and ears to hear instead of one who sticks their head in the sand. If one is thinking about crossing a railroad track, it is not being paranoid to look and see if a train is coming. If one is planning to make a right turn on red, it is not a sign of weakness to make sure some pedestrian is not stepping of the curb to legally cross the street.

I do not feel that having one's eyes open to what is going on around you is in any way equal to not trusting God. I do not believe that we, as Christians, are to blindly walk around paying no heed to what is happening in our governments, schools, churches and homes. I do not believe that "walking by faith" means walking in some fantasy world where the grass is always green and the roses are always in bloom.

Time and again throughout the entire Word of God, there are warnings to be aware, awake and vigilant. Time and again God tells us that we are to not be deceived by the nice looking scenery or lulled into a stupor by the promises of nice sounding people who claim to only have your best interests at heart.

In the Old Testament there were watchmen on the wall whose sole job was to alert the population to advances by the enemy or of imminent danger. When the trumpet sounded, the people knew they were to respond by way of grabbing a weapon or running for their lives. Only fools would ignore the warnings and continue doing what they were doing assuming God would protect them.

God protects us by alerting those whose job it is to watch and sound warnings. God protects us by showing us escape routes and letting us know when and how to fight back against the advances of the enemy. Yes, on occasion God will personally take care of the problem, but most of the time He expects us to with His help and guidance.

Assume you are in a flash flood. You are sitting on the roof of your vehicle as the water rises, pleading to God to save you. Presently a boat pulls up to you with an offer to take you to safety. Would you politely refuse the offer because you are waiting on God to save you? Perhaps you would if you had no desire to keep living.

If we truly are looking for God's deliverance in a situation we must be willing to accept however God chooses to provide it. When Jesus challenged Peter to walk on the water, He was there personally to lift him up when he started to sink. But, there is no guarantee that every time every believer starts to sink during the storms of life that He is going to personally save us.

God did indeed personally feed the Children of Israel in the wilderness. Did God continue to do this after they reached the Promised Land? Did God build the ark that allowed Noah and his family to be spared from the flood? Whereas God did indeed personally take care of the enemy in Gideon's time, He demanded Joshua and his army destroy the enemy in Jericho and throughout the Promised Land.

If David waited on God to slay Goliath, he would still be waiting. David trusted God to take the rock in his sling and send it like a laser into Goliath's forehead. Even then, David still had to take Goliath's spear and "finish him off".

The point here is that there are no absolutes when it comes to understanding the way in which God chooses to rescue, save and otherwise deliver us from the enemy. His promises are true and He has promised to protect us, but HOW He does this is HIS business. Our business is trust Him and DO whatever He asks of us.

This is why it is so important for us to heed the warnings of those entrusted with giving them. This is why it is so important to listen and watch instead of living in some "la la land" as I see so many Christians do. This is why we must be as those in Nehemiah's time and sleep with our weapon and work with one hand on our spear. We must never become so complacent that we assume we need to do nothing and God will personally do everything.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]When Jesus challenged Peter to walk on the water, He was there personally to lift him up when he started to sink. [/quote]

I was just thinking that in order to walk on the water, Peter himself had to get out of the boat and take that step of faith. Often he is criticized but he had enough faith to get out of that boat and when he did start to sink, he knew who to cry out to. He walked on the water.

While there are times when it is impossible for us to do anything except pray like when Daniel was thrown into the lions den, often times God requires action as you illustrated with Noah, David and so many others. As we cry out to God to rescue us, we must also be listening for His voice and asking Him to direct us in all that we do.


K :princess:

Kingsley Amoah @kingsleyamoah ·

You have personally blessed me with this posting.
Indeed God created us in His own image so we too can be creative.

There is a point where God intervenes in our lives because He has to.
But then, there comes a time when He looks on to see his children engage their God-given abilities for action!

He has made every provision for us. He is our partner, not our servant!
Most of the time, fear of failure becomes an inhibiting factor.
But reward only belongs to those who are daring enough to overcome all things, just as Christ did.

God bless you so much!

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