Godliness allows us to SHOW others the greatness of God

In July of 1972 while conducting a two week class, the level of faith among the group grew with each passing day as they learned about how wonderful, faithful and true the Word of God is. Most of these people were under 25 years of age and many were considered social outcasts and rejected by organized religion.

There was no class the middle Saturday of the class so I held a special meeting at the huge old house where the class was being held. About 50 people showed up to this open meeting and after a few songs and some prayer, I began to just share from the Bible as I felt led by the Holy Spirit. My sharing led me to the subject of healing and miracles. I shared what I knew on the subject and asked if anyone would like to be prayed for.

I was totally overwhelmed by the rush of people who stood and began walking up to where I was standing. Perhaps 30 people lined up to be prayed for one by one. I was the only one there with any knowledge of this field so I did all the praying. After perhaps 30 minutes I finally had finished and although I was physically and spiritually drained, when I looked out at the group of people I saw more joy, peace and thanksgiving than I had ever seen in my life (or since).

There were more signs, miracles and wonders that night than I could ever remember. People were healed of longstanding issues and two people actually stomped on their eyeglasses because their sight had been restored to perfection.

It took a LONG TIME for everyone to leave that night because we all knew beyond a shadow of doubt that we had witnessed and been a part of something similar to what the early church experienced when the shadow of Peter would cause someone to be healed. Never before and never since have I been a part of such a dynamic time when the Holy Spirit was at work.

Later that evening, after everyone had left, I sat with the two people who lived in the house and allowed us to use it. Neither of them had been among those who I had prayed for earlier. One of the people asked me if I would pray for her to be healed of shame arising from a rape two years earlier. She was being eaten alive from the inside out. I did indeed pray for her as well as her husband. I then went up to bed.

The next morning, when I went downstairs, this couple and a few other people were seated in the kitchen. The moment they saw me they fell silent and started crying. Each one of those present came up to me and gave me a huge hug and thanked me for changing their life. I told each one of them that it was GOD who healed them and not I. After a few minutes they all gathered in a circle and sat down. They said; teach us more.

This incident took place more than 41 years ago, yet it burns in my heart like it was yesterday. Never again have I ever seen anything such as took place that weekend but I will remain thankful for the rest of my life God allowed me to be a part of it. Over the years I have seen incredible miracles, people healed on the spot and other wonders of God's grace, but never have I seen a time like that which took place in 1972.

I know that it was during that time, I was walking as deeply in fellowship with God as was possible. Without knowing it, I was indeed experiencing the full dimension of what godliness means. A real, true, vital and spiritual relationship with God opens the door for Him to work through us to bless, teach, help and inspire others. The reason we should strive for and do whatever we have to do to hold fast to godliness is to bless God, be blessed and to be a blessing to others.