Godology 101--lesson one

When bad things happen to us or we don’t get what we wanted when we wanted it; without realizing it, many times we accuse God of causing the problem or getting deaf in His old age. Somehow in our warped way of thinking, we assume we did everything right, so thus the one to blame has to be God for it certainly cannot be us.

Over the years, I have counseled many people who deep down inside harbored an intense anger or bitterness toward God for taking their spouse, child or other loved one. Finding no one else to blame, they assume God caused the person to get sick and die or be killed in an accident or war. The resulting separation that develops prohibits any kind of close relationship with God.


Way back in 1983 my 17 year old nephew overdosed on aspirin and died a few weeks before graduating at the top of his class in High School. I vividly recall sitting along with my mom next the bed where my sister had been for nearly two days. She was so overcome with grief that she could and would not get up. She moaned in agony as she first blamed herself for being a horrible mother and then blamed God for taking her favorite son.

At the memorial service (held in the high school auditorium in the small town they lived in), the minister talked about God calling young Chris home because He needed him in heaven. I remember sitting there wanting to take off my shoe and throw it at this guy for his blasphemy. How dare he blame God for killing my nephew for His own selfish reasons. Needless to say, this did not help my sister overcome her resentment toward God.

I once heard a preacher imply that God was too busy to help a particular person with their problem because it was so trivial. He stated that God had more important things to do than waste His time fixing some stupid mistake the person made. Again, I wanted to jump up and go smack some spiritual sense into the guy.


We must seek to eliminate from our thinking two very damaging and dangerous things:

  1. The tendency to blame God for things that do not happen the way we wanted or thought they should happen.

  2. The tendency to think so little of ourselves that we refuse to believe God is in any way interested or willing to get involved with our situation.

Unlike all the other gods people have, the one true GOD is all good, all light and all loving. Our God is incapable of doing evil or bad things. Unlike all the other gods people worship, our God is all knowing and all powerful. Our God cannot be taken by surprise nor can His hands be tied by any force greater than HE.

It would do us all well to sit through a refresher course in "Godology 101". We need to stop whining, complaining and accusing and instead remember again who our GOD is and what He can and cannot do. Believe me when I say that there is NO GOOD THING that comes from blaming God for any of the bad things that have happened in your life. Believe me when I say that there is NO GOOD THING that comes from so belittling yourself that you cannot imagine God being willing to help you.

Lesson number one in "Godology 101" is to know who God is, what He can and can’t do and remove the root of bitterness that springs from falsely accusing God of things He never did and indeed cannot do. Lesson number two is to do away with the unprofitable "poor me" attitude and replace it with the realization and understanding that you are a child of God blessed by God with the freedom to come to Him and stand in His presence.

God is our Father and His will for our lives is to be involved with everything we think, say or do. If we can overcome our accusatory attitudes as well as our false humility manifested in a sadistic desire for God to punish us; then we can enjoy the fellowship God craves to have with us and the fruits of such fellowship in our lives. Believe me when I say that fellowship with God is the sweetest and most desirous thing we will ever taste of in this life!


Amen. When we sit, think, remember and pray...we can say "O taste and see, that the Lord is good." He IS good no matter what we have been through for all things work together for good to them who love Him and are called according to His purpose.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

There is a reason Jesus referred to God as Father. This is the sort of relationship God desires to have with us. The problem is, the natural earthly father of us all, Adam, essentially blamed God because he, Adam, fell. This is of course, the natural result of sin. Humanity has been battling things such blame, bitterness, abandonment, isolation and self-centeredness ever since. Imagine what happens when these things taint the father-child relationship! While we get glimpses here and there of what a true father should look like (God refuses to allow that image to be eradicated entirely), it is only a glimpse and often many of us don't even see that very much.

I think that as Christians, it is important for us to ask God to destroy the "false image" of father and replace it with that of the TRUE FATHER... HIMSELF!


K :princess:

Ruth Papalii @deanna ·

Awesome blog brother! God will never be too busy for His children. He always watches over us and trains us up for his calling and to help others.

He always wants the best for us like you said! and God is not able to do evil or bad things that is so right! because God has never sinned, nor Jesus Christ His Son, He was perfect also.

God would never stick up for evil or badness.

So much truth in this blog blaming God, and most of it is not protecting yourself with Gods Word! God has already given us his bible tools to live by for a Safety Life. Good blog

Signed your sister in Christ.

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

Praise the Lord! Amen. Great message of truth. God is only good!!! Thank you B2Y. :clap:

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