God's abiding power and faithfulness

Nature has a way of keeping you humble. Things such as the changing seasons and various weather events make you realize just how big and powerful God is.

I know some of you live in the tropics where every day is the same as the one before, and about the only excitement comes from whether the hi temperature for the day will be 87 degrees or 86. But, for most of us, we go through 2, 3 or even 4 seasons each year. Personally I am thankful for the various seasons for I am pretty sure I would get bored if every day was the same.

I once had a friend who claimed that no one who moved to Hawaii ever left. Well, I think I would be the first for I would miss the howling cold winds of winter and the first signs of spring as well as the colors of leaves in the fall. But, I realize the vast majority of people would gladly trade their crazy weather for 365 days of warm sea breezes and sunshine.

Today, even though the temperature was in the low 80’s, evidently no one told the birds and bugs to wake up and enjoy the day. As is usually the case in September, there is an eerie silence most days.

Gone are all the noises of various songbirds as well as most loud insects. At night, instead of the chorus of cicadas, bullfrogs and various bugs there is silence. Have they all gone into hibernation already?

What is really interesting is that it will be another 6 weeks before the leaves turn and fall off the trees. That means for the next 6 weeks, the only noise each day is the occasional squawk of a stray bird or the barking of a dog or the sounds of a horse letting the world know a horsefly just found its blood. Thank God for the migrating birds which will start shortly, for they will provide at least temporary noise as they land in the tall trees and make enough racket to chase humans indoors.

Soon enough it will be winter. The grass will turn brown, the trees will go dormant and most of the animal kingdom sleeps or moves at a snail’s pace. Yet, in the stillness of winter there is beauty that no other season knows. There is nothing so awe inspiring as standing outside on a clear winter’s night looking at the Northern Lights dance in the sky.

Just when people can take no more winter, the weather warms and the buds bring forth leaves. Spring is most people’s favorite time of the year for it brings relief from the long, cold and dark winter. Of course spring leads to summer and then in time, we are back into fall. Seasons have been coming and going since this world was formed.

There are usually a couple of things we can call "absolute". One is that the sun will come up tomorrow morning and the other is that in the middle of summer it will be hot and in winter it will be cold. No matter how hard man tries to mess up nature, the sun still comes up each morning and the seasons still produce what they are known for. This is indeed a sign of God’s abiding power and faithfulness.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Ah... meteorologists simply LOVE Minnesota. The weather is NEVER boring here! Blizzards, arctic winds and droughts change to "tropical" with tornadoes sometimes from one day to the next. The weather is also exciting. And the seasons! Yes, we have more than just winter... although that is the longest one...
Our leaves have started to change. In a few weeks they will be brilliant. The Canadian geese have arrived and I have had to use my defrosters a few mornings. I even tried out my new seat warmers twice.

I can relate to what you mean. This time of year I find myself starting to yearn for dark quiet nights curled up by the fire wrapped in a cozy blanket... or two... or three

I start to think about hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream or both! I start thinking about how good hot chicken stew with dumplings is on a cold winter's night after coming in from the bitter cold and exchanging my boots for my soft polar slippers.

Up here in the "icebox of America", I find that I have much to be thankful for during the cold winter months. I really do! There may be some who will argue with me but I do not think anyone appreciates spring like those of us who battle bitterly cold and long winters. For those who don't know, snow can stay on the ground continuously from November until April in my neck of the woods and -20 F (-28 C) air temperatures are not the least bit unusual. Sometimes even as early as October and we have gotten flakes in May as well. I truly appreciate the promise of spring!

What? Okay, for my friends down under imagine snow from May until October with an occasional blizzard in April and snowflakes in November...


K :princess:


Dear B2Y--I grew up in Illinois and spent most of my Air Force career south of Kansas City and in or near Omaha. The past 25 years in Mississippi have been a bit boring, because I love snow. Here, we have ice storms and tornado seasons.

But no matter where I've lived, the weather has been a humbling experience, because it reminds me of just Who is really in control of this universe we've been blessed to live in--especially this planet called Earth. Isn't He awesome in His creative excellence? Meta


In the tropics and equatorial lands the temperatures remain within a narrow range throughout the year except for in the highlands. Rain and typhoons and monsoons bring floods and when they are absent it is usually dry and humid. When the rains come they bring floods and trees are torn down and landslides occur. They remind me of the power of God in nature. His faithfulness? I am reminded that whether we are in the times of rain (blessings) and in the drought(trials) He is ever faithful to guide us along. Praise the Lord He is there all the time.

Thanks B2Y for reminding of the power and faithfulness of our Father in heaven.

Franklin Broomfield @broomy ·

Yes God's power can be seen all around us all we have to do is look.

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