Hands, Feet and Hearts Needed For those suffering

Brothers and Sisters,

Please allow me to be brutally honest here. Although it will take days and weeks to full know the scope of the tragedy which is taking place at this moment in Texas and Louisiana; this much is known for sure-it will dwarf Katrina in size and intensity. If everyone thought Katrina was bad, the current situation with Ike is going to be far worse.

Whether any of us know anyone directly impacted by this storm or not, the facts in this matter are that there are countless believers who are at this very moment in time facing life and death situations and whose very survival depends on the Body of Christ exercising their God given authority to pray. Please, I beseech anyone reading this post to set aside a few minutes and quietly pray for the MILLIONS of people huddled in dark and wet houses and shelters wondering if they will live or die today.

When the waters recede and the winds subside and crews are able to get into these devastated areas, they will find many who drowned in the rising waters. These will be sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents of people all over the United States. As the full scope of this catastrophe becomes known, grief will spread over this country like the storm surge which needlessly took the lives of countless people.

If ever in the history of our lives there is coming a time when God needs His people to get their head screwed on straight and live outside themselves-it is NOW. Any Christian who sits back and fails to be moved by what is happening with Ike in my books needs to honestly question their very faith. Any church which is more concerned with its own welfare than that of our hurting brothers and sisters down south is a church who does not know what compassion is all about.

These are tough words, but they are honest. On this very day when millions of people are suffering and hurting and dying; stadiums all over the land will fill with millions of rabid fans only interested in whether their team can destroy the opposition. Tomorrow morning while millions of Christians continue to suffer, hurt and die; millions more Christians will dress up and go play church with nary a prayer being offered for anyone outside their little fellowship.

Of all the shortages in this country the biggest and deepest of them all is compassion. People do not want to be bothered having to worry about and feel badly about the condition of people they do not know. It is much easier to fault them and figure out a way to justify hardheartedness than to sacrifice a little and find ways to help.

If I had the means to hop in my van and head south I would. Of course I could not get into the worst areas for they are impossible to get to; but I would go to counsel and comfort and do whatever I could to help. Unfortunately I cannot personally do what my heart cries out to do at this moment, so all I can do is write, talk to people locally and pray God opens doors to go do what I yearn to do.

Two and one half years ago my mom left me a nice inheritance when she died. I spent it all in six months trying to help other people. Since then, relatives and "friends" have called me a fool and irresponsible and worse for squandering my retirement savings on "bums" who should take care of themselves. The minute anyone tells me that, I put myself deeper in debt by sending someone who is honestly helping others money I don't even have.

I will never cease giving to others even if it means doing without myself. I would gladly empty the cabinets, freezers and closets of this home and take it all to those who have lost everything than hoard it all for myself as some type of compensation for my previous hard work.

Christians are supposed to manifest the love, concern and compassion of Jesus Christ. The coming days and weeks give every Christian the chance to prove they really love Him more than themselves. If one's own needs are more important than helping others with theirs; well I will let you fill in the blanks. Christ has no hands, feet or heart but ours to manifest His love to others through. Please rise up oh Christian brothers and sisters, for He needs us more than ever to live outside ourselves and for those who are hurting so badly.

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