Harden not your heart

Time and again Moses had to deal with the hardness of heart manifested by the Children of Israel.  The term “stiffnecked” as used in the Old Testament would be roughly equal to the idea of hardening one’s heart, especially toward God.  Nothing God did working through Moses softened those people’s hearts and that is why they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness and ultimately died.

Over and over again we see in the Old Testament where a king or a group of God’s people would reject the Word of the Lord and harden their heart against the prophet who spoke it.  The results of this hardening were always gruesome and ugly.  Nothing positive can ever come from hardening one’s heart toward God, His Word or His people who speak it.

We are exhorted in Hebrews to NOT harden hearts as in the provocation.  Whether the provocation was the golden calf or some other event in Moses’ time is open for debate.  What is not open to debate is the degree of consequences involved when God’s people turned their backs on God’s Word and tell Him where to go.

We are confronted by situations daily which baffle and beat us down.  We are confronted with people who “push our buttons”, things that do not work and self-serving hypocrites who make a mockery of the things of God.  We CANNOT allow these situations to disturb the relationship of peace we have with God in Christ.  If we do, we are in danger of falling prey to hardening our hearts and in turn rejecting God and His Word.

Unless and until we lead every thought captive to Christ, we run the risk of being taken captive by people, situations, physical or financial problems and a whole host of other circumstances that are contrary to what God says in His Word.  Unless we are willing to confront the temptation to not believe with the truth of what we are supposed to believe, we will probably end up not believing what is true.

People all the time say “been there and done that” when it comes to really trusting and believing God’s Word.  What they are really saying is that faith didn’t work and they got burned because of it.  Let me say without any hesitation or trepidation; the Word of God NEVER burns anyone and it ALWAYS works for it is faithful.  People get burned because they were wrongly taught or did not believe correctly.

Hardening of the heart breeds nothing good.  Just as hardening of the arteries in the human body is the precursor to heart disease and early death, so hardening of the heart spiritually leads to a rejection of God and ugly consequences both now and forever.

If or when you find yourself getting mad at God, your heart becoming cold and stale or a feeling of indifference toward God—GET HELP IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t allow your heart to become hard, callused and incapable of receiving both the Word and love of God.  A tender heart may at times be broken, but a hardened heart rejects every good thing that comes from Almighty God and ends up shattered and useless.

As always, Blessings 2 You!