His way is not the easy way but the right way

It is so easy to judge, criticize and cast away others who fail to meet our high standards of righteousness. It is so easy to withdraw and walk away from those whose trespasses have marked them as failures.

It is so easy to reject those who have lost their way and leave them to be devoured by the birds of prey. It is so easy to wash our holy hands and have nothing to do with those who are not as perfect as we are.

It is so easy to point our finger at the shortcomings and weaknesses of those unable to be as holy as us. It is so easy to put on our fancy clothes and strut about while scorning those who wallow in the dust.

It is so easy to forget that once upon a time we were as those we love to deride, object to and flee from. It is so easy to close our eyes and never see the hurt, pain and sorrow etched on the faces of the lost.

It is so easy to only be with those who think and live as we do and refusing to allow others into our lives. It is so easy to retreat into the sanctimonious lifestyle of the special people who are better than others.

It is so easy to wake up in the morning thinking only of how God will bless us and make us happy today. It is so easy to fall into the trap of believing life revolves around us and we are the center of everything.

THE WAY is not easy for it demands we reject all the self serving and self promoting fantasies the world programs into us and religion lays upon us as law. To live as Jesus lived is to forgive the sinners instead of stoning them. To live as Jesus lived is to hug the leper instead of running away from him. To live as Jesus lived is to go out of our way to find the downtrodden, hungry and thirsty and offer them comfort, food and water.

Anyone who says it is EASY to live for and like Christ is wrong. It is NOT easy to live in a way contrary to everything those around us consider to be right. It is NOT easy to humble ourselves and through obedience and love, offer ourselves in service to others. It is NOT easy to be willing to never receive accolades or praise for doing what needs to be done that no one else will do.

There was no easy way for Jesus to manifest the love of God and be a friend to sinners. His way got Him crucified and rejected by all. But His way is the only way that is right in God's eyes and His way is THE way we should strive to emulate and follow in this life. Doing what is right is not easy but it is the calling of all who love God.


Good blog with good truth. Your last line: [quote]Doing what is right is not easy but it is the calling of all who love God. [/quote]
This is so true. It is the love of God that drives us to righteousness. It is the love of God that drives us to be good. It is the love of God that makes us love like He loves. It is the love of God that pushes us to do His work in this world. It is this love for God (goodness) which is the reason we will sacrifice everything and take the hard way instead of the easy doors the devil opens up for us. If we truly love God, then we will have joy and look forward to all the trials that come our way, for we want to glorify God through all of them.

Thanks for the encouraging of the faithful,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

No, it is not an easy way and yet as you said, it is the right way. The road is not easy but at the same time, we are not walking it alone. We must remember that.


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

instead of borrowing that line"life is like a box of chocolates, i belive it more fitting to say "life can be like a boomerang you know what you are going to get, you just dont know when..in between"moments" be blessed and thank you


B2Y, I know no better way to write on this topic than you have done here.

The answer to - how do I know how to serve (the will of) God for my life - to serve others. To love God and to love your neighbor.
Try that and tell me it is easy - fulfilling yes, but not easy.

God bless you Brother

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Excellent blog and awesome message!

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Thanks for another great blog. - bibleguy64

Anna Jones @annajones ·

Sowing seeds in others life can be very hard ground. But when its breaks up and you can see results from you being willing to step out of a box as we are so in sometimes, and see what God really does have for us to do. Its a great thing!! Sometimes we are the ground breaker, some seed sowers, some water, and some get to see a beauitful flower blossom. But whatever God has for me to do in his kingdom, I hope to God I can say I will go!! Great blog ! AJ

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