How much is enough?

How much is enough? This simple question certainly applies to a multiplicity of situations doesn't it? Married couples must decide if the three children they have "are enough". Everyone of us must decide when awaking in the morning if the six hours of sleep we got "was enough". When looking in the refrigerator a couple of hours after eating a meal, we must decide if the meal we ate "was enough" or if we need that snack to live till morning.

When looking at the incredible mess this country and world is in financially, much of blame would come back to people not being content with "enough", but rather taking the attitude no matter how much they had, "it was not enough". When the greed for "bigger, better, more and more" overruled the willingness to be content with having one's needs met; the door was flung open to never being content.

I know many people who only a year and a half ago were still saying the sky was the limit as far as how high the markets would go, how much the value of their home would increase and how inflated their investments would become. When the good times are rolling, few people want to stop and look what will happen when they end.

Those who listened to God's words of wisdom back a year or more ago, took action to prepare for the economic tsunami that has crashed the party and sunk the Titanic along with all the "paper wealth" of those on it. The wise person knows how to tap into the vein of gold when it is there, but also how to close down the mine when the gold is exhausted. Only a fool would keep digging for gold while the mountain was collapsing around him.

Many of us were wise and did things to protect and preserve what God had blessed us with when there was time to do so. Many more of us were either ignorant or arrogant (or simply afraid) to act in direct opposition to what appeared to be the "prevailing wisdom" of the time. I can still picture in my mind "experts" who stood before cameras everyday a year ago vehemently assuring everyone all would be well and to "stay the course" investment wise.

The incredible evaporation of life's savings, investment portfolios, retirement accounts, college savings funds and other funds tied to the stock markets is staggering. Millions upon millions of people have lost well over 50% of their net worth in one year. Millions upon millions of people have seen everything they spent a lifetime earning and saving disappear like a thief in the night. Millions of people who had plenty of money and resources 18 months ago are now broke, unemployed and homeless.

The Apostle Paul plainly stated that if we are blessed enough to have food, clothing and a roof over our head we should be content. To be content is to be in a state of peace and tranquility. Paul also said that godliness with contentment is GREAT GAIN. Contentment also means to be happy and satisfied. Thus, when looking at "how much is enough", the answer really lies in whatever it takes to make us happy and satisfied.

Much can be understood about a person by determining the answer to one simple question; what makes them happy? By determining what makes us happy, we find out what brings us contentment and satisfaction. Oh that we were as simple to please as our four legged pets. Our dogs and cats let us know what makes them happy, and it usually entails either petting them or feeding them.

Honestly, most people find happiness and contentment in wealth, fame or the such. Few there are who would not get very happy if they found an hundred dollar bill on the ground. Who wouldn't be filled with happiness if they were handed a check for a million dollars? Yet, this "happiness" is fleeting and gone the minute the money is spent.

Our contentment should be found in the simplicity of knowing and loving God. Our happiness should be derived from pleasing God by doing His will. That which should satisfy us should be the cool and refreshing Word of God. When we are resting in our love for God, striving to do His will and satisfied by His glorious Word; then we can honestly say it is impossible to ever get enough of our God.

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

Let me say what a blessing it was to see this message this a.m. Just to have you writing this message is a blessing within it self and I praise God for it.

Now to the message, these times remind me of the story of the wealthy man who thought he needed to build another barn to fit all his crops in. His only problem is when he went to bed he never woke up. He had no need for another barn. We all wont wake up today either, and those that do may find it a blessing that they have lost their gold. If gold is what they want then they are clueless on what it takes to be successful in this lifetime. Truth is the more we have the more we look for ways to keep it. We get all swelled up in our own worth and how big we have become. Yet that is not what our Lord requires.

The wealthy man never understands what true love is, and from where it comes from. Those they think are their best friends may be there just to enjoy the goodies. Love is what we to put into our treasure chest. This is the chest that is in the Lords temple. Your soul is our Lord's temple. Love is the only thing that we can take with us. The other treasures are left in some barn or bank or some building all these things will rot and decay like all those who worship them.

It is a funny thing about our Lord, He tells us not to worry about what we eat are what we will wear. He tells us to build our house on the rock that he builds in us. I have had some good times and some bad times, but my only problem was i didn't know just how good the good times could be until our Lord took away all my bad times. If you get hungry our Lord will feed you, if your clothes wear out He will give you new ones, and if your house is built on that rock that He builds in you, then the stocks can fall all day long and yet your Love will still be there.

God Bless,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I spent a lot of time last year with people who were "dancing with death" meaning they were fighting for their lives and had been notified that they may be leaving the "party" soon. Life looks very different from the infusion room. The things which meant the most to us were a touch, laughter, a smile, a warm blanket which had just come off of the blanket warmer (you can get pretty cold during chemo), a glass of cold water, friends stopping by to chat with you for a bit during the long process, etc. Many, many people reach out to God during this time. What else is there to reach for?
[quote]Our contentment should be found in the simplicity of knowing and loving God. [/quote] Amen!

K :princess:

Andrew Luckhaupt @luckyone ·

As usual well said. Thank you God for allowing this brother to continue with this ministry.

Thank you B2Y

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you for all the kind comments and I am happy to be feeling better and if all goes as planned, I will get to leave here tomorrow (Friday).


Well said my brother. Blessings from NC



[quote]Those who listened to God's words of wisdom back a year or more ago, took action to prepare for the economic tsunami that has crashed the party and sunk the Titanic along with all the "paper wealth" of those on it.[/quote]

Amen brother! It is not like these things were done in silence or should have caught God's people unawares for God does nothing without revealing His secrets to His servants.


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