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If we are indeed seeking to walk with God, in the spirit, with Jesus Christ as our Lord and the Holy Spirit as our Guide; the road we travel will NOT be the road everyone else travels. The deeper one gets into our incredible faith, the more the stark realization hits us that this journey is not what we expected or at times even wanted.

Just because we want every day to be laced with smiley faces and full of nothing but good, that does not mean it is what God wants or demands. Obedience to the will of God involves submitting our will to His and thereby becoming willing to do whatever He says and not what we want Him to say. Of all the great aspects expected of us as committed Christians, none is greater or more difficult to attain and maintain than humility and meekness.

Unless our hearts are meek toward God and His Word, meaning we are willing to accept His instruction and be “coachable”, we will inevitably fall into the snare of haughtiness and pride. It is extremely difficult to stay meek and willing to be coached when we think we are perfect. If a person thinks he knows it all, it is impossible for him to learn anything.

Whereas meekness describes our proper attitude toward God and His Word, humility describes our attitude toward each other within the Body of Christ. Humility starts with showing common courtesy and evolves into manifesting respect for each other’s opinions and ultimately submission of our burning desire to be right all the time and thereby willing to admit we are wrong when we are and willing to whip our pride and arrogance into subjection to Him.

There is a day coming when officially and literally Jesus Christ will be our King, but for the present, Jesus Christ is our LORD. As our Lord, He is our Master and the burning desire of our hearts should be to do whatever He asks of us, no matter what the sacrifice might be. There is a huge difference between saying Jesus is one’s Lord and Him actually being such.

We are NOT serfs but rather servants. We are not lowly slaves whipped into submission but rather humble servants who so love our Master that we willingly lay down our personal desires and passions at His feet. When Jesus Christ assumes the proper position in our hearts (that of Lord and Master), our commitment to Him grows so deep that we are indeed made free.

The more committed we are to Him, the more free we become from the affairs of this life. When we lay down the last morsel of pride at our Master’s feet, we are immediately exalted in His sight. The more utterly devoted we become to Him, the less influence this world has upon us. The more our life revolves around Him, the more nothing else in life becomes any more important to us than Him.

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[quote]If a person thinks he knows it all, it is impossible for him to learn anything.[/quote] This is true and yet what is often so plain to others is not plain to us.

I am just reflecting on how desperately we constantly need to be imploring the Holy Spirit to cause us to examine our heart and help us to remember... it is not about us, it is about God.


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