I am not too proud to say that I need you

I remember reading a blog a few months ago, written by someone no longer on this site, which denounced the concept of “circling the wagons” or “closing ranks” when the pressure is on. I adamantly disagreed with that idea then and continue to oppose it now as the flaming arrows are flying and the bombs are dropping. When the enemy attacks, that is when we must band together in mutual faith and prayer and present a united front against the wiles of the devil.

It has been a very difficult few days around here what with my wife Beth being under the weather and financial pressures growing daily. If I cannot ask for prayerful support during times of crisis, then what am I supposed to do? The notion that it is wrong, a sign of weakness or a disgrace to ask for help reckons back to previous generations when people were too proud to ask for charity. People such as my dad would never ask anyone to do anything for him, including pray for him. He was raised in such a way that kept him from enjoying the blessings of family working together, including earthly families.

I am not too proud to ask for help when I need it. Good grief, if not for all the prayers and other forms of support given by you, my CB family during my illness last fall, neither Beth nor I would be here. When presented with a life or death situation, the CB family rallied in prayer and mutual faith to “stand in the gap” for us. I have watched in utter amazement for years as Beth has become a literal prayer partner and warrior for one member here who has endured two rounds of radiation and two major surgeries plus numerous other physical situations. I know that if not for one very special prayer partner of mine, I would have stumbled and fell flat on my face innumerable times over the past 7 years.

The sooner we wake up and realize that we NEED one another, the sooner we will tap into the vast resources available when God's people come together in faith and prayer. If we allow pride or fear to force us into suffering in silence, we will indeed suffer mightily. We need each other like the flowers need the rain. We need each other like the winter needs the spring. We need each other more than any of us can know. We need each other to stand, walk and grow.

I am proud to call you my family and I will fight for you with all of my heart and strength in prayer and faith. Whether I actually write a prayer response to a posted prayer, rest assured that I do indeed read them and pray for each need fervently. Please know that the love of Christ constrains me to reach out and lift up each one of you in prayer when I see a need or sense there is something amiss. Although our family is small, we are strong because we love God and each other.

Over the past few weeks I have written many blogs exposing the adversary for who he is the enemy of God's people. I have attempted to show how he works and how to overcome him. I have done this with the full knowledge that I am making him angry at me. This is not my first rodeo and I know what happens when I lay the cards on the table and crush the devil under the weight of the truth of God's Word. The enemy fights back when he is angry and he is fighting like crazy. I refuse to fear him but I know the battle is intense right now and that is why I am asking for continued prayer for us.

I am more than willing to continue writing about how to enjoy walking in spiritual victory and by opening my life, to show how the enemy can influence and derail even a solid believer. But, to do this I need spiritual prayer cover from you, my brothers and sisters. Thank you in advance for your prayers, not only for us and our current situations, but for my ability to share what God places upon my heart in such a way that it can be a blessing 2 you! Thank you.


Yeah how true !

The body is only a body if it has all the part's .

I will be praying !

Be forever blessed

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

"We need each other more than any of us can know. We need each other to stand, walk and grow."

I totally agree! The truth of all that you have written in this blog is a truth that we need to "stay focused" upon, because many souls on here are suffering and in need of prayer -- daily!

The way that you have opened up your life in your blogs has shown us how the enemy can work in even the most... "solid believers'..." lives to wreak absolute havoc on them... and... on all parties associated with them, if possible.

We NEED to know the things you're telling us in these blogs, for you have lived the truth of it, and by your sharing of these experiences we can be on higher ALERT of the enemy's cunning strategies.

I have been, am, and will be continuing my prayers for both you and Beth; and thank you for this "most needed" reminder of just how much WE NEED ONE ANOTHER.

God bless you, Kirk!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I am not an Island -I can not stand alone -I need my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


I am so Glad my friends are willing to circle the wagons for me, as I will do for them .

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Absolutely agree, Kirk. When people are too proud to ask for prayer ... that same pride turns into a real foothold for the adversary. You have destroyed that prospect and as you say, you are crushing him and thwarting his evil plans.

You are a righteous and God-fearing couple, and I pray for the Lord God's protection over you and provision for all your needs, in full confidence that he will not leave you ashamed or wanting. I will persist in prayer with you and be thinking of you both in your struggles.

Grace and peace to you both in Christ,


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

You and Beth have my covering in the Lord.

"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." NIV. How can one not agree with this blog as it is scriptual.


Beth M @blest ·

:clap: Perfect

Amen and amen!


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

What you write in this blog is so true! I am very thankful for the people that God has brought into my life. They are a blessing to me and constantly remind me of God's love, mercy, grace and faithfulness.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

"I refuse to fear him". The line in the sand and the call to battle. Your life stands as a testimony to the words you speak and the desire of your heart. I will be praying.

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