I stand in awe...

I stand in awe of many things in this life; some good and some bad. Every night when there is a new moon and no clouds; I stand in awe of the carpet of stars spread out across the sky. Knowing that the light I see took millions of years to get here brings me to my knees in humble adoration of God's power and majesty. How could anyone not believe in Eloheim just by looking at the night sky?

The arrogance of men who honestly believe they have no need for God causes me to stand in awe of how foolish the creation is, to think it is greater than the creator. I have never understood how a person can honestly (and adamantly) believe there is no God. I can understand having no relationship with God or even being mad at God for perceived injustices; but to boldly proclaim God does not exist brings me to my knees in awestruck wonder at the utter depravity of man.

As I recall the innumerable times God has touched my life, held my heart, healed my body and calmed my mind; I bow in humble adoration at the unfathomable depths of the love of God. That Almighty God would tenderly take care of me is beyond my comprehension. That the God who created the heavens and the earth would care about what I am going through is beyond my ability to grasp. All I can do is enjoy who God is and what God has done and continues to do for me.

As I look at people, whose only reason for living is to bring glory to themselves, accumulate great wealth and strive to gain all power and authority on earth; I am both amazed and awed at the absolute stupidity of man. How can a person honestly believe they are greater than God? Yet, around the world there are countless people who look in the mirror and see god and who look at their fortunes as the god of their personal universe.

I am proud to say to any and all that I cannot live without God. If God were taken from my life or proven to be dead, I would expire on the spot. My very life is God and without God I would immediately die. God is my reason for living, the source of my life and the giver of meaning and direction in my life. God is my Prime Minister, CEO, master and Lord. In God I live and have my very being. My life is not my own for it belongs to Him. God is my life.

Those who have no need for God scoff at the notion of God both giving life and directing life's affairs. For those who have made themselves god of their lives, there is no reason for believing in an Almighty and sovereign God who is bigger than themselves. These people burn with hatred and laugh at the folly of crippled Christians whose crutch is their God.

14But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

1 Corinthians 2:14

We will see who is right in due time. Either it will be proven that man is god, or it will be plainly displayed for all to see that Almighty God is not only alive but waiting for the day when His vengeance is poured out on those so foolish as to believe He does not exist. Thank God we are people who know God, love God and can live our lives with no fear of God's wrath which is to come.