Identity, purpose and destination

The mere existence most people mistakenly think call life is something I thank God daily I do not need to worry about. Regardless of how it may appear outwardly, the life I live is far more than the shallow game most people play. I know who I am, why I am here and where I am going. Armed with this knowledge, I can endure whatever this life throws at me and maintain the joy and peace of God in my heart.

There is so much more to living than wasting precious time engulfed in the passion of fulfilling earthly lusts and cravings. There is so much more to living than demanding and devoting one's self to the relentless pursuit of riches, honor and every selfish desire known to man. There is so much more to living than being locked in a daily routine that holds no promise of being anything other than a carbon copy of what has already happened.

We who have fully committed ourselves to Jesus Christ are looked upon with disdain and/or condescending pity by those whose lives are devoted to the god of this world. Those of us who have willingly chosen to be servants of our Lord Jesus Christ are viewed as either crazy or fanatics by those whose lives revolve around their own desires.

With each passing day, the pressure to turn away from the truth and join the masses in pursuit of the "better life" grows stronger and stronger. We are bombarded with advertisements either promoting or demanding we purchase this product or that new toy to be happy. We are surrounded by a culture hell bent on its own destruction brought on by unbridled greed and lust.

To remain aloof and untouched by the materialistic and self centered world in which we live takes not only commitment but a deeply rooted faith in and relationship with God. Without that faith and relationship, the pressures and pleasures of life in due time will cause even the most committed believer to stumble and fall into the snare of perdition.

I firmly believe we need to establish in our minds our identity (who we are), purpose (why we are here) and destination (where we are going). Armed with this understanding, we can withstand the temptations that seek to entice us and the pressures which seek to crush us daily.

If we fail to know who we are, we will fall prey to comparing ourselves to those who are prettier, stronger, richer or more popular. If we fail to know why we are here, we will get distracted and find ourselves going through motions and nothing more. If we fail to know where we are going, we will remain lost in the wilderness of fantasy, agony or desperation.

Knowing our identity, purpose and destination keeps us free from entanglement in the world. It keeps us safe from the relentless storms and allows us to remain peaceful no matter what takes place around us.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]Knowing our identity, purpose and destination keeps us free from entanglement in the world. It keeps us safe from the relentless storms and allows us to remain peaceful no matter what takes place around us. [/quote]

Last Friday, I was supposed to bring something to a women's Bible study which "described" or "defined" who I was. For me, that was very easy to do. I brought the pink baseball cap which has the "princess" pin which you see as my avatar pinned into it. I've told it here before. In fact, I told it here at CB when I purchased it four years ago just before starting chemo. God prompted me to look for a pink pin that said "Princess" on it and the moment I googled those words, I found it.

I have to keep that constantly before me, B2Y. I must remember every day of my life, who I am in Christ. You and your wife along with a few other friends here at CB have watched my journey over the past 3-4 years and and understand why. It is only because of Christ that I can lay down in peace and sleep at night. It is only because of Christ that I do not fear what tomorrow will bring for I know... I know that I am in God's hands. Regardless of what I face, even if I lose everything near and dear to me, even if I face death and my time here is over, I KNOW that God has me and I do not have to be afraid. I do not have to worry.

As Christians, we may say these words but do we really believe it? I think most of the time we don't but I do, B2Y. I believe it will all of my heart. I am created by and loved by God so much that Christ died for me. He died for me that I might live... not as defined by the world but TRULY live! He created me to be a "princess of God" and as such, He will never leave me nor forsake me. My purpose is follow Him no matter what and love and serve Him with all of my heart. My destination is to dwell in the House of the Lord... forever!


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

the first part of your blog reminded me of that movie"groundhog day" and to tell you the truth i never seen that whole movie. if you let life consume you you can get caught up i always not just see a "light come on" but a series of lights like on a airport runway when i read your blogs. and to that i thank you for the encouragement to start my mornings. be blessed

Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

Strong words B2Y. I also liked how you link our God-given identity to our conviction and how we face the world.

I struggled for many years with an identity crisis, but the Lord showed me, little by little, His vision of me. Now with storm clouds rising, I must take strength in His promise.
Thanks for this uplifting blog.

Grace to you,

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