If we cannot trust God, who can we trust?

Whatever or whomever we believe to be the source of our strength, well being, prosperity and hope wins our trust. The physically strong person trusts his conditioning will allow him to be victorious and never be defeated. The intellectual trusts his esteemed learnedness will allow him to be smart enough to overcome anything that comes up. The person overflowing with charisma trusts his personality to and salesmanship to open doors to success. The person who trusts in the hope God has given has full assurance that no matter what happens in this life, that which lies ahead is FAR greater.

The New Testament is full of promises which assure us of ultimately being victorious over death and the author of it. But, in order to tap into these amazing promises, there must be the willingness to admit we are nothing in and of ourselves, but rather that IN CHRIST we can do all things.

With the advent of television, the mistaken notion that just because someone looks good and speaks words we want to hear makes them a modern day apostle or prophet is dangerously wrong. The outward appearance of a person should NOT be the criteria for trust. Our trust should be reserved for that which is true, honest and right.

Countries have risen and fallen because they trusted in their military might. Corporations and people have come and gone because they trusted in their financial resources. Churches and ministries have sprung up and wilted away because they trusted in the charisma of a leader. Ideas and movements have appeared and vanished because they were built upon the philosophy and religion of man.

It is the Word of God which lives and abides forever, so logically our trust and confidence must be in that infallible Word of truth if we want strength, wisdom and the blessings of God in our lives both individually and collectively. In the end, where we place our trust determines whether we see the promises of God come to pass or be crushed by the avalanche of circumstances that come in the course of living.

If we cannot trust God and His Word, who can we trust? If God will not stand behind what He has said, who on earth can (or will)? God CAN be trusted for He is faithful and true to what He has said. If we trust fully in the Lord and allow Him to direct our paths, He will surely lead us beside still waters and into His very presence to find help, guidance and strength.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The 23rd Psalm is beloved by many but throughout the years verse four has resounded with me so much. Undoubtedly it was because God knew I would be spending some time passing through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and would need to remember these words. "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil [i]for thou art with me[/i].

Oh and He is, B2Y, He is! Even as I lay trapped within a sick and broken body, even as I nearly did not awaken one December day and was not aware of much, God made me aware that He WAS with me! This is true for all of us. He is with us and we can absolutely trust Him... no matter what!


K :princess:


So right you are, "b2y!" This is a great message. We need to humble ourselves before the Lord in order that we can accomplish anything in His name. Amen, and God bless...


Deb Adams @beelady ·

blessings2you, Thank you for this wonderful message. It is so true! Very well stated. God bless.


Yes Brother Kirk-very true what thou hast here writteneth! God Bless y'all richly! Dave

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

You definitely have to put your trust somewhere, because we are just little beings on a spinning rock hurtling thru space. The Word is definitely THE PLACE. - bibleguy64

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