Intense Shock Waves Hitting Both Wall Street and Texas/Louisiana

Following is an updated version of a post I made early this morning.

In the coming days, we should strive to be "on guard" as the world reels from all that has happened recently. Not only was there a horrific commuter train crash in southern California and Hurricane Ike; now we have the crashing and burning of two Wall Street giants in one day. If what went on today around the world in financial markets is any indication; this week might be a very difficult one.

Whenever the world is going through convulsions, the shock waves are bound to reach God's people in one way or another. Whether higher gasoline prices, sudden loss of investment income or dealing with the growing fear among many people that they will be the next victim of the current economic crunch; there are numerous ways events taking place in the world manage to influence believers.

This would not be a good time to take a mental vacation, let alone a spiritual one. Don't be surprised if the Lord brings out the "cattle prod" and gives you a good jolt in the coming days. There is massive need for prayer today. The situation in southern Texas and Louisiana is 1,000 times worse than is being reported. Sooner or later the whereabouts of the 140,000 people told to evacuate or face certain death must be accounted for.

Unlike after Katrina, there is nowhere near the response taking place in this country to help those who were devastated by this storm. People are hurting financially and feel they do not have anything extra to give to help others. However understandable this is, the end result will be suffering and hurt people, including many of our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

The ripples from the double whammy of Hurricane Ike and today's stock market crash has many people in this world in a state of either despair or fear. If we, as believers join them out of ignorance of what is going on in the world, we cannot help anyone. We will all be in the same sinking boat. It behooves us to have a little understanding of what is happening around us, otherwise we look absolutely stupid.

The wise believer should take stock of their situation and do whatever is necessary to not be directly impacted by anything going on in the world, especially in the financial markets. The bombshell which was dropped today has really hit many people hard. There is a growing gloom spreading over this land as people are watching their life's savings dwindle and evaporate. Add to this the natural disasters plaguing this country, and we have a real problem.

Hardly anyone knows that the remnants of Hurricane Ike set off major flooding from Oklahoma to Michigan. Huge parts of Chicago are dealing with flooding. St. Louis is dealing with major flooding for the third time this year. Ohio received hurricane force winds yesterday as did places in Indiana. This year has been relentless as far as flooding goes. Now it has been relentless as far as hurricanes.

Whether this week turns out to be just another week, or ends up being one of those weeks the world literally shakes in its boots, we as believers need to pray for personal protection, guidance and avenues where we can share the love in our hearts with those in need. The only reason to pray for God to take care of us in times of trouble is so that we are able to help others. God knows there are countless people locked in fear right now as they stagger under the load of circumstances literally pulling them apart.

I beseech you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to prayerfully consider all that is going on, and with great humility ask the Lord what you can do to help Him. After all, the very reason we are alive is to be a blessing to the Lord and His people. We were not given all that we have from Him just so we could sit around laughing at the trials and tribulations of those around us. To the contrary, we have been charged to do the work of an evangelist and to comfort, encourage and edify with all the love of Christ in our hearts.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

This is a very good blog and I just pray its effective to raise our hearts like we like to raise holy hands at church? What will take to move the heart of a christian? How many hurricanes, ikes, or katrinas will raise a holy eyebrow? I think sometimes that the Lord brings a disaster like the ones happening to see something plain about today religion. We've put it in print and perhaps we can see the real issue of the desponency in action. Is there any gold left in the temple of today's church? May you all be blessed. Amen.


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