Is your soul for sale?

It is no mystery what my attitude toward this earthly life is and what, in this life is important to me. I have stated over and over again my heartfelt belief that this world is not my home and that I am just a transient spending some time here.

It is my firm belief that our lives are NOT supposed to be spent making money, accumulating things and rising up the corporate ladder. There is not a shred of evidence in the NEW TESTAMENT to support the idea that a person should get saved to gain worldly fortune or fame. In fact, this propaganda has succeeded in turning countless believers into nothing more than worldly people who attend a church once in awhile. This I believe defines hypocrisy.

What God has done for us in Christ is a matter of the heart and not the outward trappings that define success according to the world. Starting when Jesus called His first disciple to follow Him and continuing throughout the Book of Acts and beyond, the “call” has been to be set apart from this world by way of undiluted and fervent faith in God. Jesus did not groom His disciples to go back into the world to be super successful fishermen, tax collectors or businessmen.

There are, no doubt, individuals where the call of God in their lives is to excel in their profession so that they can give witness to Christ. Some very successful professional athletes have proven this to be true. But, for every person who actually gives credit to God for their success, there are fifty who keep their mouths shut so as to protect their assets and marketability to the world.

Although my wife and I spend many hours per week working at our on-line business and my wife works 40 hours per week at her job, we do not do this to become rich or so we can retire in a few years on a golf course and buy a RV to travel the country. We do this because the Word of God says to WORK and to have the means to pay bills and to GIVE to others.

It is truly sad whenever a child of God sells their soul to the world to gain financial security. It is truly sad whenever a person who has given his heart to God takes it back so they can sell it to the world’s highest bidder. It is truly a shame that anyone would turn their back on God to receive what the world offers.

Many years ago I rejected various job offers that demanded all of my heart. I have never regretted the choice I made to not gain the world by losing my soul. I will always be thankful that I decided to put God first in my life even if it has meant sacrificing worldly fame and fortune. This choice has allowed God to provide, protect and bless us, which He has done faithfully.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]What God has done for us in Christ is a matter of the heart and not the outward trappings that define success according to the world. [/quote]

And yet those outward trappings appear to be what we hunger after so many times.


K :princess:

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

How easily we can be blinded to the truth when it opposes our fleshly desires. God Blog, Brother, keep writing.

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