Jeshua is Lord

In the Old Testament (which was written in Hebrew) there are numerous Hebrew words used to describe God. The most common word is Elohim, which means basically "head God". This word is the first word in the Bible in Genesis 1:1 where it says: "Elohim in the beginning created the heavens and the earth". The word basically defines God as the creator of all things. Elohim is the plural of Eloah, which along with El are very commonly used to describe the God of Israel.

Also in the Old Testament a word is used that does not describe God but is rather His name. This word was so sacred to those of Orthodox Judaism that they avoided the so-called Tetragrammaton (the four lettered Name, YHWH). When the Old Testament was translated into English no trace of this word was used. Instead, the English word Lord was used, and this has led to massive confusion regarding who Jesus Christ is in the New Testament.

Although there are numerous ways people now try to spell God's name, the simplest and best according to many scholars would be Yahweh or Yahveh. This word relates to us as God's people His name as opposed to His title or characteristics. Although His name may mean Lord, that doesn't make His name Lord. My name is Kirk. In Scotland, the word Kirk means "a church". Am I to assume that since my name means church, I should change my name to church? The Presbyterian Church of Scotland is known as "The Kirk". If I decided to put "the" in front of my name, does that make me the Presbyterian Church of Scotland?

By translating YHWH as Lord, unbelievable problems were introduced that have resulted in grave mistakes in understanding who Jesus Christ was, is and will be. Elohim is YHWH but Jesus (Yeshua in the Hebrew) Christ is neither Elohim nor YHWH; but, Yeshua is LORD. In Acts 2:36 it says that God (Elohim) has made Jesus (Yeshua) both LORD and Christ. God did not give Jesus His Name YHWH; He gave him the titles of LORD and Messiah. In Philippians chapter two it says that Jesus humbled himself and became obedient unto death on the cross. Because Jesus was willing to obey God, even though it meant giving up his life, God did an amazing thing according to verses 9-11:

"Wherefore God (Elohim) also hath highly exalted him (Yeshua), and given him (Yeshua) THE NAME which is above every name;

That at THE NAME of Jesus (Yeshua) every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

And that every tongue should confess that Jesus (Yeshua) Christ (Messiah) is LORD, to the glory of GOD (Elohim) the Father."

It does not say that every tongue should confess that Jesus is YHWH, for he is not. Jesus Christ is LORD, and when tongues confess this, it glorifies Elohim who is the Father. Oh that people would just accept the simplicity of what the Word of God says instead of crafting theologies that try to explain error. Jesus Christ is Lord. This was the first confession of faith after the Day of Pentecost and still should be the foundation of the Christian faith.

In Romans 10:9 it says that in order to be saved, a person must confess with their mouth (every tongue should confess) that Jesus (Yeshua) is LORD. Salvation is dependent upon the outward confession that Jesus is LORD and Master of all, for Elohim gave Jesus that title and designation. It doesn't say in Romans 10:9 to confess Jesus as YOUR Lord; it says to confess Jesus IS LORD (implying you are NOT). Do you want to be saved? Do you want to be delivered from eternal death as punishment for sin? If you do, then you MUST confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is LORD.

Don't be ashamed to say it. So what if people don't like it. Jesus is Lord whether people like it or not. Jesus is Lord whether anyone believes it or not. Jesus gave his life for your sin. God raised him from the dead and gave him the name above all others. JESUS (Yeshua) Christ is LORD. If you say it and believe it you can receive the gift of eternal salvation (life). Salvation is not dependent on confessing your sins; it is dependent on confessing that Jesus Christ is LORD to the glory of God the Father.

When you make Yeshua Christ your Savior (he who paid for your sins) and LORD (master) then Elohim can create in you His Holy Spirit and you can be "born again" and receive the gift of eternal life. Thus, you are SAVED. Jeshua is a much better Savior than you or I could ever be. Jeshua IS Lord. Please, I beseech you to allow Him who gave His life for your redemption to be YOUR Savior and YOUR Lord. God bless you.

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