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Jesus Christ; the red thread of the Bible published by
For your spiritual edification and blessing, here, in its entirety, is one
For your spiritual edification and blessing, here, in its entirety, is one of the most remarkable things ever written. Please not only read this, but ponder its meaning and reflect upon how Jesus Christ is indeed the thread which binds the Word of God together.


Who is the Red Thread?

Jesus Christ is the Red Thread of the Bible - the thread that binds the Word of
God together...

You find him everywhere in the Bible, the Word of God!

In Genesis, he is the promised seed of the woman. In Exodus, he is the Passover
Lamb. In Leviticus, he is the high priest. In Numbers he is the star to rise out of
Jacob. In Deuteronomy, he is the two laws-love God and love your neighbor. In
Joshua, he is the captain of the lord of hosts. In Judges, he is the covenant
angel named Wonderful. In Ruth, he is the kinsman redeemer. In Samuel, he is
the root and offspring of David. In Kings, he is the greater than the Temple. In
Chronicles, he is the king's son. In Ezra and Nehemiah, he is the rebuilder. In
Esther, he is the savior of God's people. In Job, he is the daysman. In Psalms,
he is the song. In Proverbs, he is the wisdom of God. In Ecclesiastes, he is the
one among a thousand. In Song of Solomon, he is the bridegroom of the bride.

In Isaiah, he is Jacob's branch. In Jeremiah, he is our righteousness. In
Lamentations, he is the unbelievers' judgment. In Ezekiel, he is the true
shepherd. In Daniel, he is the stone that became the head of the corner. In
Hosea, he is the latter rain. In Joel, he is God's dwelling in Zion. In Amos, he is
the raiser of David's tabernacle. In Obadiah, he is the deliverer on Mount Zion.

In Jonah, he is our salvation. In Micah, he is the lord of kings. In Nahum, he is
the stronghold in the time of trouble. In Habakkuk, he is our joy and
confidence. In Zephaniah, he is our mighty lord. In Haggai, he is the desire of
the nations. In Zechariah, he is our servant-the branch. In Malachi, he is the
son of righteousness. In Matthew, he is Jehovah's Messiah. In Mark, he is
Jehovah's servant. In Luke, he is Jehovah's man. In John, he is Jehovah's Son.

In Acts, he is the gift of holy spirit. In Romans, he is the believer's justification.
In Corinthians, he is the believer's sanctification. In Galatians, he is the
believer's righteousness. In Ephesians, he is the believer's heavenly standing.

In Philippians, he is the believer's self adequacy. In Colossians, he is the
believer's completeness. In Thessalonians, he is the believer's soon
glorification. In Timothy, he is the faithful men. In Titus, he is the fellow
laborer. In Philemon, he is the love of a believer. In Hebrews, he is the high
priest for sin. In James, he is the royal law. In Peter, he is the pastor. In John,
he is as we are. In Jude, he is the beloved. In Revelations, he is the king of
kings and lord of lords.

He is the doom of the adversary as promised in Genesis 3:15 and accomplished
in Revelation 20:10.

He is the "no night" of Revelation 22:5, of which Genesis 1:1 is night.

He is the light of Revelation 21:13, of which Genesis 1:16 and 17 is the sun and

He is the "no more death, neither sorrow or crying" of Revelation 21:4, of
which Genesis 3:16 and 17 is sorrow, suffering, and death.

He is the "no more curse" of Revelation 22:3, of which Genesis 3:17 is the

He is the welcome home to paradise of Revelation 22:2, of which Genesis 3:22
to 24 is the banishment from paradise.

Who is Jesus Christ?

He is Abel's sacrifice, Abraham's ram, Isaac's well, Jacob's ladder.

He is Judah's scepter, Moses' rod, Joshua's rams' horn, Samuel's horn of oil,

David's slingshot, Hezekiah's sundial, Elijah's mantle and Elisha's staff.

He is Job's prayer, Isaiah's fig tree, Ezekiel's wheel, Daniel's Jerusalem

window, Johan's sea monster and Malachi's storehouse.

He is Peter's shadow, Paul's handkerchiefs and aprons.

He is the lily of the valley and the rose of Sharon in life's desserts.

He is the pearl of great price. He is the rock for pilgrims in a weary land.

He is the believer's justification. He is the believer's righteousness. He is the
believer's sanctification. He is the believer's redemption. He is the believer's
knowledge. He is the believer's wisdom. He is the believer's all-in-all in all. He
is the believer's completely complete completeness.

He is the bright and morning star, and he's my Lord and my Savior.

Author Unknown

This is why it is so important that we set aside time, whether tonight at communion or at church the next two Sundays or simply in our own quiet and personal time to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Rock of all ages and represents everything God ever wanted for His creation. What could possibly be more important these next few days than taking the time to restore, refresh and renew your personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ?

My prayer is that the love we have for He who gave His life for us grows deeper and stronger and more meaningful day by day. I pray we come to understand and appreciate who Jesus Christ is and what He accomplished for us. I pray that we release the chains which hold us down and keep us from freely giving our hearts in love to our Master. I pray that each one of us can be drawn into our Savior's loving arms to be held, upheld and loved as we never have been in this life.

May the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you as you grow in your relationship with Him.

Kirk M is a retired minister living with his wife and animals in rural eastern Missouri
You can find out more about kirk on his profile page.

Published: Apr 02 2009 12:54:44am

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K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

There is nothing more important...

Right now I am envisioning my favorite picture which is a black and white sketch of Jesus holding a lamb close to his heart and I am remembering that is me...and that is also any of us.

Thank you for sharing this.

K :princess:

T Sia (@doulos)

There is so much there that is rich for meditation - getting to know our Saviour. Thank you for sharing this, it is a blessing to me.

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

Thank you for sharing this. Sunday my Pastor made reference to red-letter Christians. Your blog goes right along with his words Sunday. KraftyKatz

Art Schnatterly (@aliveintheword)

Now, this is truly a day God has made! So many GREAT blogs today. My mind runneth over! Thanks, B2Y. You just gave me the greatest Cliff's notes of the Good Book I could hope for! And as we approach Good Friday, there is more red to consider. The red of the blood shed for us, to cleanse us. Blessings, Art Alive in the Word

Kirk M+ (@blessings2you)

I believe it was Oral Roberts who first lit up one of his tent revivals with a stirring rendition of the "Red Thread". I remember hearing a tape of him going through every book of the Bible talking about this and that and it all representing the red thread. Man, that had to be almost 40 years ago that I heard that.

In the years that have passed, I have never grown weary of reading again the remarkable way that God stitched His Son through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Thank you for the comments one and all,

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