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No matter how hard people try to impress God in this life, they never will succeed. No matter how many robes a person wears or how many degrees hang on his wall, God will never be impressed. God is not interested in all of man's vain attempts to gain His attention by crying €œLook at me and how good I am€.

We do not, as the prophets of Baal in the Old Testament did, have to wake up God or make a racket to gain His attention. We do not have wait in line or get a number to meet with Him. We do not have to strive to make our resume top notch so He pays us any heed. All the things people do to catch the eye of some prominent person are totally wasted effort with God.

God does not care what clothes you wear or how you comb your hair. God does not care how loud you scream or how many times you announce you are there. God is not interested in vain attempts to make yourself someone you are not. God is not impressed with vanity in any way shape or form.

A few years ago I was thinking of attending a church which emphasized Old Testament purity. That was until I found out they would not let a person in the door unless they were wearing a suit or a dress. In other words, a person had to look good on the outside to enter the sacred sanctuary of their church. I never seriously considered going there again.

It is my firm conviction that God pays no attention whatsoever to what we look like, what we wear or how much money we spend on jewelry or hair styles. Yet, there are millions of Christians who are adamant in their belief these are the very things God IS interested in. This is truly a tragedy, for it only breeds bondage and hypocrisy.

I can assure anyone who is curious that God absolutely could care less what a church building looks like. It means nothing to Him whether the building is old or new, big or small, full of stained glass windows or not etc. Those who insist on spending millions of dollars building edifices to lure sinners in are wrong in what they are doing. The purpose of the church is NOT to impress unbelievers but rather to provide a safe haven for worship and praise for believers.

Any unbeliever who decides to attend a church because of how it looks is only going for the show. Most churches like this turn their services into entertainment to again impress the unbelievers. The things of God are not "€œEntertainment Tonight€. Signs, miracles and wonders are not to be likened unto some magic show at a Las Vegas Casino.

Oh how my heart aches for God's people to return to the simplicity of personal and private prayer, praise and worship and for the church to cease trying to impress God and unbelievers with all of its fancy fixtures and productions. God in interested in the heart, whether personally or as a body of believers in a church. May we always strive to keep our hearts pure and SIMPLE.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, you are right to point out all the outward appearance that man wants and aspires for do not weigh much in God's sight. The Lord looks at the heart of a person, the heart of a church and the heart of a nation.:wink:

Good blog, thanks for sharing such truth.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen


For me, the most stark reference of simplicity in the Bible is Psalm 49:16-17 :
"Be not thou afraid when one is made rich, when the glory of his house is made rich; for when he dieth he shall carry nothing away; his glory shall not descend after him."

When we meet our Maker finally, our hands will be empty and without our worldly treasures, pleassures and trappings.
Are we ready?

A thought-provoking blog indeed B2Y.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have mentioned this a time or two in regards to attending church during cancer treatment. To put it quite simply, and this is sad, I would not have been able to bring myself to attend most churches during that time and I probably would have stayed home. Like most chemo patients, I found wigs to be very uncomfortable. To wear one when you have hair is very different than wearing one without it and most people find their skin is quite sensitive. That is another reason there is a growing trend amongst female cancer survivors to wear caps and scarves. They're trying to make it acceptable to do so.

Anyway, depending on which chemo drugs you take (and there is a wide variety for different types of cancer) and how much time there is between treatments or how long you are on it, it can really do a number on you physically and that holds true for radiation as well... depending on where the treated area is.

It is very sad to say but yes, due to my altered physical appearance and overall feeling of general health, I would have been extremely uncomfortable in most churches and I have no doubt I would have either struggled to go or I would have stayed home. I know this might sound very shallow to some people but if it does, I can guarantee they have never been a chemo patient!

As it was, I go to a church which does not have a steeple. It is in a warehouse. Oh, they could afford to build a traditional-looking church with bells and a steeple but they preferred to purchase a warehouse... a "come-as-you-are" sort of place. There is nothing wrong with bells and steeples but for some people they are cold and threatening things.

Anyway, the physical environment of my church was such that I was comfortable in going there throughout treatment. I never missed a service even though I would go to the early Sunday service. I had chemo on Fridays and it takes about 24 hours to feel the effects. This meant I was starting to feel the effects toward the end of church. :cry:

Oh, I am not saying people in traditional church buildings, dressed up in their Sunday best would have not welcomed me. I am sure many would have but I would have stuck out like a sore thumb even more! As it was, I could come in my jeans, my old comfy t-shirts (especially during radiation) and my pink baseball cap with my pink rhinestone princess pin and would actually be able to blend in ... a bit. LOL!

I realize this might seem trivial to a lot of people but... it was a big deal to me. A very big deal. Regardless of where we go to church, we must remember that God does not look upon the outward appearance, He looks upon our heart. We must also remember that the "church" is not OUR house... it is God's house... and God can have whoever He wants come in... just as they are.


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