Keys to spiritual victory--mental toughness

Please, if you have not read any of my blogs, would you consider reading this one and the ones to come? In these blogs, I am going to be brutally honest as I share the biggest struggle I have faced in this life and how it has forced me into submission at times and how I have beaten it at other times. I am willing to open the doors of my heart and allow any and all to see what is inside with the prayer it will help others with similar struggles in their lives. But first, let me lay out some basic information regarding the spiritual conflict we must endure daily.

We all have one area in our lives that constitutes the “weakest link” in our defense against the enemy's attacks. This could be things we do or things we do not do. Either way, these things trip us up and become our greatest enemy. The more aware we are of where and how the enemy breaks through and drags us down to his level, the more we are able to withstand his attacks and not succumb to his relentless pressure. The more we are totally honest with ourselves, so as to know and recognize where we have the left the door open to doing things that we know hurt us, the more we can slam that door shut before we lunge through it into the sure fired realm of self-condemnation and shame.

Basically speaking, the avenues used by the enemy to distract us, disrupt our walk with the Lord and ultimately destroy us are painfully simple. The tactics used are not rocket science. Satan is incredibly simple in his approach as evidenced by how he succeeded in deceiving Eve and then Adam and how he unsuccessfully tried to convince Jesus to follow him instead of God. If we can understand the basic things the enemy does to tempt and trick us, we can in turn put on the armor of God needed to withstand and having done all - STAND (for God and against the wiles of the evil one).

Very simply put, the enemy predominantly uses either pressure or pleasure to trip us up. The relentless pressure brought on by financial, physical, relationship or mental problems puts great stress on our fragile mind and our emotions. The more pressure we face, the more we are forced into a corner where we either rise up and believe God or crumble under the incessant barrage of punches thrown by he who is only interested in our destruction. The more we are tempted by the allure of this world (promises of wealth, fame, friends, stability in life, comfortable lifestyle etc), the greater the odds are that at some point we are going to stop “just saying no” and fall for the enemy's promise of something better than the promises of God.

Obviously, the key to our successful rejection of the adversary's false promises and our ability to withstand his unrelenting bombardment of woes lies in the strength of our relationship with God and our knowledge of the Word of God. Whether the enemy is whispering in our ear trying to get us to compromise the truth in order to please our senses or standing in our way roaring as a lion; we can stand against him and win if we:

  1. Absolutely believe and trust God
  2. Completely be honest with ourselves and God
  3. Adamantly reject anything contrary to the Word of God
  4. Steadfastly cling to the promises of God
  5. Stubbornly refuse to give in to the endless suggestions of the enemy
  6. Tenaciously hang onto the hand of Jesus Christ
  7. Obstinately determine to never give up or bow down

Much of our ability to withstand the seemingly never ending pressure or temptations of the enemy lies in our mental resolve. Through our grit determination to not allow the adversary to win, many times we can withstand his best punches and avoid his wiliest entrapments. When we allow weakness or fatigue to rule, we usually end up signing the declaration of victory by the one we despise the most. That is why the Word of God urges us to “be strong in the Lord and the power of His might” . That is why the Word of God encourages us to put on the Word of God and be renewed in the very life of our mind.

There is one thing the enemy cannot tolerate or beat and that is the truth when spoken with boldness and believed with conviction. This is why the only offensive weapon in the armor we are to put on is the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God. Jesus withstood the temptations of the devil in the wilderness by standing on and boldly speaking the Word of God. If Eve would have done the same thing to the serpent in the Garden, all of history would have turned out differently.

At times we can triumph over the enemy by taking his strongholds and pushing him into retreat. At other times, our victory is accomplished through not buckling under the relentless attacks of the enemy. Please bear with me and follow along as I attempt to lay out the basic keys to both how the enemy beats us and how we can beat him. It will take some time to do this but it is time for me to share what I know on this topic with you, not today but in the days to come.

 Kirk M
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John Knox (@watchmanjohn)

I for one will look forward to your forth coming blogs and will also uphold you in prayer that you will have the peace and firmness to write as the Lord dictates.


K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

I will as well.


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@bethy)

While fo course we can easily rattle off the words "I am more than a conqueror through Him who saved me" it is more diccicult to actually believe these words.

I love your seven points in this blog. I particularly love the first two. In fact until we are honest within ourselves as to our own state and as to our weaknesses we are doomed to fail Him over and over.

I so look foward to your blogs... as always.