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In order to determine where you are in your walk with God, there are certain questions which must be asked of yourself periodically and other questions which must be asked before, during and after an endeavor. If a person will remain true to these questions and be honest with himself, there is no reason why a person cannot walk in the same manner as Noah, Abraham and others whom God declared to be righteous.


Before doing anything foolish or daring, this question MUST be answered within one's heart or the consequences will horrific. A person who jumps into a high risk activity better establish before hand that it is worth the potential consequences. Ignorance is an unacceptable answer after being destroyed by doing something with a high degree of risk.

Yet, the greatest things in this life many times come with the greatest degree of risk. Those who never take a chance are doomed to a very small box in which to live their lives. There are times when risks must be taken in order to obtain the greatest reward. But, one must go in with their eyes open and not say afterward "I didn't know it would cost so much".


When evaluating whether something is ethically acceptable; many times the only way to find out is to ask this question. Unlike the world which answers with great enthusiasm "YES" to this question at every opportunity, as Christians we should be striving to answer "NO" as much as possible. To do something which only benefits yourself is not necessarily wrong, but it does breed selfishness.

We should strive to be selfless in all that we do. The New Testament is full of verses which indicate the higher standard of love dictates that we try to do whatever will bless and help our brothers and sisters in Christ and not just to please ourselves. There is nothing wrong with enjoying God's blessings in one's life, but from God's point of view, those blessings are to be shared.


Time and again people get themselves into situation where they are in over their heads. They bite off far more than they can chew and they end up lost, discouraged or so upset that they quit living life correctly. It is imperative that we always decide ahead of time how much we can handle as well as how much we can afford.

Remember the parable when Jesus spoke of the king who ran out of money before being able to finish the building project? This is what this question speaks to. It is not only embarrassing but also very dangerous to get into the middle of something and then find out you don't have the ability, resources or heart to finish what you started.

I would pray that we all stop and ask ourselves these three questions BEFORE we embark on any project, endeavor or mission. We must count the cost ahead of time and decide if it is worth it. We must establish the motive for what we are doing and we must determine if we are indeed able and willing to handle it. If we honestly ask these questions and act accordingly, we will spare ourselves tons of unnecessary grief and anxiety.


B2Y I agree that the three questions are important. I would like to suggest the fourth question:

QUESTION FOUR : Does it please the Lord?
2 Corinthians 5:9 Wherefore we labour, that whether present or absent, we may be accepted by Him.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

We are admonished to examine ourselves and this should be a daily process. [quote]Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? 2 Corinthians 13:5 [/quote].

We have an enemy who would like nothing better than to side-track us. It is important for us to remember that and in order to do so, we must continuously make sure we are following "God's Trail" rather than making our own. Thank you for these great questions to think about and seek God about. Far too often I have seen people suffer simply because they were trying to do things which sounded good to them but God had not asked them to do.


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