Laying it all at the Master's feet

The ways of God are so much higher and bigger than our ways, that is why are greatest challenge is to submit our will to His. Even though we think we know what is best for ourselves and others, God knows everything and thus REALLY knows what is best. When we cease forcing our will on God and instead yield our hearts to His, that is when we open the windows of heaven.

In these days where so many have so great need, it behooves us to redouble our personal commitment to prayer. It seems many times there is little else we can do besides pray.

It is not a bad thing to have little else available besides prayer, in fact it is a very good thing. When we reach the point where it is all in God's hands then we are freed from the responsibility of feeling like we have to be God.

None of us are big or wise enough to take over God's job. Ours is not a mission of doing His work but submitting our hearts to the firm belief that He will provide, care for and otherwise take care of those in need.

Real prayer is the outward expression of total submission to the will of God. As we lay a situation or person at the feet of the Master we are in reality saying to God€”this is too big for me to handle, would you please take care of it. In many respects prayer is like the child bringing the broken toy to his father with the faith he can fix it.

No matter what the situation, the greatest challenge in life is to relinquish control of the need and turn it over to God with full faith that His will be done. None of us are God and none of us can do what only God can do.

Whether mending a broken heart, healing a broken body, fixing a broken dream or somehow turning a disaster into a miracle; God is able and we are not. Only God is big enough to provide for and care for His people. Our job is to allow Him to be God which entails meekness and humility.

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Whether we admit it or not, far too often we want God to answer prayer on our terms. As you say,

[quote]Even though we think we know what is best for ourselves and others, God knows everything and thus REALLY knows what is best. [/quote]

Can we trust Him even when we don't understand?




And as is stated in Mark 5:36 "Do not be afraid; only believe." Thanks for sharing! We're on God Standard Time! God Bless you! Amen! Dave


Thanks for the word in season B2Y.


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