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At a very early age most of us learn that "haste makes waste". Although we may think we know what this means, we do not fully understand until we experience it. Much like not fully grasping the reality that a stove is hot until touching it, we cannot grasp the reason for taking the extra time to think something through until we suffer the consequences of not doing so.

We live on the proverbial "shoestring" in that we have no money available to waste. We must be extremely careful to make sure we do not break things or waste money on frivolous extravagance. For the most part we do a good job of carefully watching what we do and where our resources go.

Yesterday we had a forecast for sleet and rain to move in late in the morning. Knowing this, I diligently got the trash taken down to the end of the road for pickup, fed the horse, got him a new bale of hay and put water in his huge rubber trough. Feeling I had been a good steward of time and resources I busied myself with business the rest of the day.

By mid afternoon we noticed our water pressure was dropping. By late afternoon we barely had enough water to wash our hands. I meticulously checked every toilet and faucet looking for one that was running. Everything checked out fine. I looked at the gauge down where the well water goes to the pump and it was going crazy. Obviously there was either a major leak or a malfunction of the gauge or other things relating to the well.

I put a call into the well company and they promptly showed up this morning at 7:45. They were friendly but baffled in that everything checked out fine. They said there had to be water running somewhere. By process of elimination they found the culprit. I had forgotten to turn off the faucet that was filing the horse's water. OMG, I still cannot believe I will end up wasting $75 for a service call for two guys to find out I had a "senior moment".

Using another cliche, I cannot "cry over spilt milk (or water)". All I can do is learn from my mistake and redouble my efforts to think, check and double check things I do that entail water, electricity, gasoline or other potentially dangerous or expensive items. Even as I write these words I am shaking my head that I could be so

The moral of this story is that the next time your television doesn't work, make sure it is plugged in before calling an electrician. The next time your computer is dark make sure it is turned on before calling tech support. The next time your car stops running make sure there is gas in it before calling the mechanic and the next time your water pressure drops make sure you did not forget to turn the water off!

Stephen Vanderweele @moreofhim ·

Boy, that came at the right time. We are going through a similar financial set-back. Every time we seem to be getting ahead something seems to break down. Just last night my car window stopped working. It absolutley won't roll up. It wouldn't be a problem but it's supposed to snow. Ick! And we have no money to get it fixed. I'll see if I can fix it. Thanks.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

My husband is a technician and he will tell you this happens more often then not. He has gone out on so many calls on campus where the only problem was someone neglected to plug something in. He has gotten to the point where he will ask them first if it is plug in. Sometimes he gets an angry, "Of course it's plugged in!" and discover when he arrives, it is not.

My favorite story though is about s professor who once ordered a television set be delivered to his office. He gave the building and room number of his office and was told it would be delivered in just a bit. He would be in class but that was okay as they had a master key to those offices. My husband sent a work study student to deliver the television.

A while later, a very irate professor called wanting to know where the television was. The student said he delivered it. My husband verified the office number and went down to investigate. He unlocked the door and there was the television set. Hmm... this was strange. He called the professor and said it was in his office. The professor said it couldn't be because he was in his office at the moment. My husband once again confirmed the room number, went outside, checked the number and scratched his head. He then consulted a directory and... well... that college professor was pretty embarrassed that he did not know the room number to his own office. :mrgreen:

So many times when we encounter problems in our lives, we are quick to blame others or look for other reasons for the problem. Often times we are the catalyst of the problem. When I encounter problems in life... I will remember to check the connections first.


K :princess:

Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

NO... it couldn't be MY fault could it??? (raising hand) - guilty here too..
It reminds me of my wife who loves to show me where to find the thing that I am looking for... right in front of my face!

Beth M @blest ·

Oh my Honey. .. i miss you so

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