Learning, loving and living the Word of God

Soon after my conversion to Christ in August of 1969,I had my very first girlfriend. This was an incredibly big deal for this 16 year old because only a few months earlier I was persuaded I would never find true love. In my mind I was too big, too ugly, too common, too “whatever” for a girl to ever like me. The fear of never finding someone to share my life with drove me into a cave emotionally and prevented me from allowing my personality to come forth.

After 4 beautiful months, my girlfriend suddenly broke up with me and my emotional state crumbled. The result was a subtle change where instead of living in God’s blessings I attempted to change myself in order to get those blessings again. Whether due to my young age or the despair of what had happened, I soon lost my identity as I sought to please others to get blessed instead of blessing others to please God.

Only 6 months after the incredible experience I had in New Mexico, the great joy and peace were a distant memory. I still loved God in my heart, but I just paid lip service to Him in my actions. I soon became an emotional basket case as I allowed my heart to be tossed to and fro by people either trying to help me or in some cases, use me.

In due time God righted my ship and got me sailing in the right direction again, but before He did, He allowed me to drift for those 10 long months. It was through the pain, loneliness and confusion of those months that I came to the point where I could handle what had been missing in my life, which was the Word of God.

A person can only live on the emotion of their spiritual conversion for a short time until the pressures, pleasures, setbacks and battles of life wear them down. Without the solid rock of the Word of God, one’s relationship with the Lord is built entirely upon emotion, and truly those emotions come and go like a feather in the wind.

I learned over 40 years ago that the Word of God is the compass in our lives keeping us pointed in the right direction. The Word of God is the rock in our lives that gives us stability when everything crumbles around us. The Word of God allows us to know the heart of God and thereby serve Him and love Him more and better. The Word of God is our teacher, our mentor and our assurance that there is truth in this crazy mixed up world.

Looking back, it is a miracle I made it back to God after drifting so far from Him in 1970. It is a testimony to the love and mercy of God that He allowed me to find out how mixed up and destructive life can be without the solid foundation of His Word to stand upon. The first lesson God taught me from His Word was that of the prodigal son and forgiving father.

Through all the times I have become complacent, fallen into a fog of confusion, drifted into the choppy waters of error and found myself ensnared in the traps of the enemy; God has rescued me time and again because deep within my heart I know the Word of God enough to hold fast to the promises within it, no matter what was happening to and around me.

God is faithful to His Word and if we will learn His promises and place them securely within our hearts, He will honor His Word when we cry out to Him and trust Him completely. Truly it is the Word of God in our hearts which allows us to endure hardships, resist temptation, rebound from emotional or physical destruction and to know how to honestly bless God and help others.

Never underestimate the importance of the Word of God in your life. Learning, loving and living the Word of God is indeed what this life is all about in many ways.

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Your blog brought to mind the lyrics of the song, "The Word" by Sara Groves:

[q]I've done every devotional, been every place emotional trying to hear a new word from God, and I think it's very odd.
That while I attempt to help myself my bible sits upon the shelf with every promise.
The Word was the Word is and the Word will be The Word was the Word is and the Word will be.

People are getting fit for truth like they're buying a new tailored suit.
Does it fit across the shoulders, will it fade when it gets older?
We throw ideas that aren't in style in the Salvation Army pile
And search for something more to meet our needs.

The Word was the Word is and the Word will be.
The Word was the Word is and the Word will be.

I think it's time we rediscover all the ground that we have covered.
Like 'seek ye first,' what a verse.

We are pressed but not crushed, perplexed but don't despair.
We are persecuted but never abandoned.
We are no longer slaves, we are daughters and sons.
And when we are weak, we are very strong.
And neither death, nor life, nor present, nor future, nor depth, nor height,
Can keep us from the love of Christ.
And the Word I need is the word that was.
He put on flesh to dwell with us,
In the beginning.

The Word was the Word is and the Word will be.
The Word was the Word is and the Word will be[/q]


K :princess:


I have to much to say to comment coherently.
The Word of God, the Bible, is Living.
I have trusted Him with my life, stood on His promises, and have a hope I never imagined I could have.
I live depending on the Word of God because I have nothing else I can trust to depend on but God.

Praise be to God, all glory is His.


I agree, it is important to have a solid foundation in the Word of God to help direct our lives. Thanks for the great blog. - revelationist

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