Learning to know the heart of God

As I mentioned in a blog last week, the one overwhelming desire of my heart is to know God's heart and be a man “after God's own heart” . Of course God said this about His servant David. It is interesting that of all the people who ever lived and walked with God, only David has the distinction of being called a man after God's own heart.

I am no David, far from it, but I rejoice that over the past 45 years God has allowed me to see and understand His heart and not just His deeds. It is sort of like when the Word of God says that God made known His acts unto the Children of Israel but His ways unto Moses. Of course Moses was a “friend of God” and was the only man to ever see even the hind quarters of God when He passed by him.

Men such as Noah, Abraham, Moses and David were not “special” . Each one was a just a man, but a man God called to a specific calling at a specific time. In each case, after a rocky start in some cases, the man rose up and learned what God needed him to know and then did what God needed him to do. What made these men “special” was their obedience to the calling and Word of God in their lives.

The Bible is full of people, some named and some not, which were called by God to do something and instead of finding excuses not to obey, did what God called them to do. The reward many of these people received was many times not pleasant. One might question what is the reason for obeying God if the reward is isolation, imprisonment, harassment, poverty, torture or death? Outwardly there appears to be no good reason for doing what God says and thus most people don't do it.

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest lie that has entered Christianity is that the reward for choosing Christ is health, wealth and a lifetime of good times. This ideology flies in the face of everything God has revealed about the purpose and need for getting born again. This theology drives people away from God's heart directly into the open arms of the enemy who is the author of this corrupt way of thinking to begin with.

Christianity is not a religion that enables people to live this life with perfect bodies, perfect minds and without a care in this world. Christianity is not a list of simple rules to get rich, live with no problems etc. Those who are led to believe that when they get saved, all their problems will go away, usually end up bitterly disappointed and returning to where they came from.

The corruption of the simple message of the Gospel of Christ into some kind of self-help program is sickening. The twisting of the promises in God's Word specifically relating to one's heart and one's relationship with Christ into promises of material wealth, perfect physical health, perfect mental well being, popularity and a beautiful life with no problems breaks God's heart and arouses the indignation of He who is righteous and just.

The heart of Christianity is found in what Christ did for us through Him giving His life and what God did for us through the resurrection of Christ and the giving of the Holy Spirit. Everything Christ did was to bring us peace with God through the sacrifice of sin which separated us from God. Everything God did for us allows us entrance into His presence so that our heart can be at rest no matter what happens to our body or soul.

Get ready friends, for I have been given the green light to start sharing what God has taught me and allowed me to know about His heart. What I share may surprise, anger or irritate some, but I would not share it if I didn't believe with all my heart that the message is from God's heart for men and women who long to be “after God's heart” .