Learning to live with and grow from change

Many years ago I received word that my ministry assignment had been changed and instead of holding a full time position of great influence and responsibility, I was being stripped of all my wonderful titles and sent to the wilderness of western Colorado. After serving full time for the ministry for 8 straight years, I was filled with both anger and fear as I headed off into the "real world".

Instead of looking at the change as a blessing, I floundered under the burden of self pity and perceived loss. As much as my heart knew the change was right and needed, my injured pride screamed out in pain in a vain attempt to draw attention to myself instead of trusting God to lead and direct the next leg of my journey. I struggled under the weight of the situation for many months. But, in due time I learned to love the freedom from church politics which had nearly destroyed me.

We all go through times of intense change in our lives. Some of these changes are deliberate and planned while many others just happen without our consent. How we handle change tells us a lot about ourselves and what kind of person we are. The strong adapt to change and become stronger. The weak resist change and become weaker. Change can either enable or disable us; it is our choice.

As the drama of all the changes played out over time, it became plainly apparent to me that God was indeed at work protecting and guiding me. As difficult as the transition was,without those changes I shudder to think of where I would have ended up in this life. Looking back, I see clearly the hand of Almighty God at work. God knew I had to change and the changes in my situation enabled me to do just that.

Whatever we may be going through and whatever changes we may be facing, always remember that if we are trusting God, those changes will in their due time enable us to become stronger and better able to serve Him. Change does not have to represent the end of the world, but rather the beginning of a whole new chapter in our lives.

One final note; there are times when our walk with God becomes stale, cold or apathetic. Nothing awakens, revitalizes and invigorates us more or faster than change. Change is exactly what is needed at times to shock us out of lethargy or motivate us to get up off the floor, quit feeling sorry for ourselves and get moving again.

I thank God for the changes that took place in my life many years ago, for looking back, I see God's unmistakable signiture on them. Change is indeed the very definition of repentance, metamorphosis and transformation. I do believe those are all very good things.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Right now I am thinking of all the major changes which have taken place in my life over the past few years. It hasn't been easy but I have to say... I think God knows best.


K :princess:

Ciela Baldemor @cielamae ·

This is great, thank you! I am under taking a change right now in my life and quite confuse about the whole thing. But just holding on to the promise of God is my only hope that in due time, God will turn everything to good for those who loves Him! (Rom 8:28)

I was starting to get quite discourage by the fact, that people expected me to be weaker in the changes that's taking place, I was starting to get influence and think that there was something wrong with me; just because people expected I was going to be very upset and depressed about the situation, which I am not.

But I know it's only by the grace of God that I am actually going strong through my struggles. And reading this has been an encouragement as we all tend to forget God's promises in our lives and how we react or other people react can actually influence what our relationship with God is.

Truly God knows best and would only do/allow things for our own good for His glory to edify us into His own image. We suffer because He has suffered!

Thank you for the reminder and encouragement!
God Bless


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