Let the Party Begin--Straight Talk about World Finances

As euphoria settles over the financial realm today because of the planned bail out of banks and other lending institutions; I am left with a few questions:

  1. The United States Treasury Department has already taken on 600 billion dollars of bad debt to bail out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and other corporations too corrupt and full of greed to operate in a manner which is profitable and ethical. If the proposal comes forth, as expected, to allow all the "toxic" bad loans on the books of banks to either be written off or bought by the United States Treasury Department-where is the money coming from to pay for all this?

  2. For all practical purposes, what is being proposed amounts to allowing all the banks and other financial lending institutions in America to, in effect, declare bankruptcy, yet without any penalties or negatives come to them. If this is going to be done to huge financial corporations guilty of greed, corruptions and many times fraud; why should not the same thing be done for all of us who are in debt up to our eyeballs?

  3. If "Uncle Sam" has a limitless amount of money in the treasury to write endless checks to save companies from self-destruction through their own greed; why can't all of us citizens do the same? Why can't we be allowed to have a week to write all the checks we want, with no deposits to back them up and no penalties for doing it?

  4. Why is it that all the banks and other financial institutions get "relief" from their bad debts, but only after millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs and dignity? What is going to be done to "rescue" those who got scammed by unscrupulous brokers who sold them down the river the minute they signed the mortgage papers to their new home?

Yes, this day holds the possibility of being the greatest day in the history of the stock market. It might just go up a 1,000 points today. There may very well be dancing in the streets of New York and in the offices of countless banks and other lending institutions all around this country as the biggest welfare check in the history of the United States is discussed being cut.

Whatever the "plan" ends up being to bail out the poor suffering banks, you know it is going to pad the pockets of those who are already rich. Nothing done by the financial power brokers ever is designed to help the common person. Whatever is done is to help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

I, along with thousands of others, honestly thought the whole system was going to crash yesterday. Everything was in place for the world's economic system to come to a crashing halt in one day. As horrible in the short term this would have been, it would have been healthy in the long run. But, those who stood to lose money could not stand the idea of only having a net worth of 100 billion instead of 200 billion-so they stepped in and "rescued" the world markets yesterday and now are advocating a plan to supposedly solve this mess once and for all.

Let this be know in no uncertain terms; the devil is behind the world's finances and the controls the people who sit behind closed doors making decisions as to whose money is going to be taken next. Whatever moves are made by the world's financial gurus will be for their own good and no one else's. The love of money has permeated and saturated this world to the point that everything done in this world is ultimately for the purpose of consolidating the world's wealth into the accounts of the privileged few who really run the world.

An amazing thing took place the last few days that only the spiritually sharp would have seen. As the world tumbled into financial chaos, where were all the politicians who normally have all the answers? Last night there was a big meeting with all the top leaders in Washington to hear about the new plan to save the banks. Funny, all the leaders who normally would be complaining and saying their plan would work better were like muzzled dogs not uttering a peep. Why? Because these people do not call the shots to begin with.

Let the lesson be learned through all this that those who REALLY run this world do not sit in the legislative houses throughout the world. They do not sit in the houses of presidents or prime ministers. They do not sit on judicial boards. No, those who dictate world policy are those who stay hidden in the dark shadows of mansions tucked away in far away places never seen or heard from directly. These money brokers pull the strings which direct the world's markets which in turn determine who gets what financially.

In reality, it is the devil who runs the money game anyway for he is the one promoting wealth and power. He tempted Jesus with this for he had the power to give it to him. Never forget that when it comes to who controls this world, it ultimately falls into the realm of the "god of this world" who is the devil. Stemming from the love of money is every form of evil, and that is what we have endured the past year, and especially the past week.

This day ought to be one to sit back and enjoy watching . Thank God we don't need to get caught up in whatever this day brings, for it is sure to be an illusion and nothing compared to what REALLY will happen in the days and weeks to come. By the way, admission is free to today's show.

Grant Withers @bimonics ·

Well stated, great insight, and years of discernment evident. Is it not amazing just how far compounded debt can be stretched? As i watch this this time around i can clearly see the transferring of wealth. I can clearly see that the aid for the institutions is just a consolidation of enslavement by a handful of hidden lenders. Thanks much.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

How very true, but as usual most believers feel it either a sin or unnecessary to keep up with what is happening in the world and especially finances. When the plan is announced soon to fix the problem I think everyone will be astounded at the price tag. Just who will pay this price? You and I and everyone else of course.

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Yes, it sure would be nice for someone to come along and bail me out, instead of hubby working his finger to the bone, so he pays our debts as agreed and feeds his family. While I work to save every penny I can, even it it means much more work on my part. While we work hard, make a honest dollar, and take our commitments seriously we watch a world where caution is thrown out the window and no one takes responsibility for their actions and then if life isn't tough enough right now, we'll be paying for their mistakes as well. Every step hubby and I get ahead, some other expense is increased, from food, to gas, to electricity and of course taxes with our liberal governor. And we know what will happen if the democrats take over...... But we will stay the course. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.



Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Amen and thank you for sharing.

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