Let your words be seasoned with salt

How often do we beseech the Lord for guidance and direction but then do not like what that guidance ends up being? How many times have we fallen on our knees begging the Lord show us what to do or where to go; only to end up rejecting what He tells us? How many times have we told the Lord that we will follow Him anywhere; only to quit the minute His way becomes too difficult to handle?

It is not difficult at all to tell someone you will do something, but to do it is a horse of a different color. Words are easy to say but the action needed to back up those words demands conviction and integrity. A great orator can woo, inspire and electrify the multitudes; but unless action is taken it is all for show.

Of course Peter told the Lord he would never deny Him, but when confronted with accusations of discipleship, he quickly wavered and vehemently did what he said he would never do. Words are cheap and that is why the Lord does not look at what we say but rather at what we DO.

In Biblical culture, there were covenants which confirmed what words only said. The greatest covenant was the blood covenant which of course Jesus made with us through the shedding of His blood. The other great covenant was the salt covenant. Salt was used to confirm an agreement, vow or contract much like a handshake did the same years ago.

Jesus exhorted us to let our words be seasoned with salt and our "yeas be yeas and our nays be nays". In other words, we are to mean what we say and say what we mean. We are to strive to not only be honest but sincere. We are to not make flippant commitments but rather back up any and all promises made with action.

We live in a time where people tell us every day they will do this and that, but rarely ever do it. People do not even bother to show up for work many times. People cannot be trusted for their words mean nothing. When someone "gives you their word" but rarely carries it out, their word loses credibility and cannot be believed.

Due to the lack of integrity found in what people say, it is very hard to believe that the Word of God as found in the Bible is any different. Doubt, apprehension and distrust must be eliminated lest we fail to believe the Word of God to be any different than the word of man.

Man and his volumes of words are as a flower in the desert which is here today and gone to tomorrow. They cannot be trusted for they are not backed up with integrity. The Word of God is faithful and has withstood the test of time. God does mean what he says and says what He means so we can believe and trust Him.

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Often we will use the excuse "God understands" when we break a vow to Him. Yes, He does. He understands that you have broken your vow to Him and He takes that very seriously. When we make a vow to the Lord, it is a vow which must be kept. Therefore, we must never be flippant in doing so but must take them very seriously as well.


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Victor Lucas @victorlucas ·

I was touched blessing2you this word hit home. I don't handshake false or pat on the back or give a crocodile smile think evil or untrue to others but I am guilty of everything else. I seem to find a way to fail in my heart felt pledges to God. I always ask for repentance and hope that God forgive me one more time. I have found a way to see the miracles and feel the joy that God put around me everyday and appreciate things around me. I know I am the salt of the earth, the light on the hill and a servant of Christ. I can't blame Satan's evil spirits for all my faults when I don't measure up. You have heard it said that "I am not what I want to be but I am not what I use to be!" I have not given up my faith I will never do that and that is why I am so big on faith because I failed at doing works too many times. However, your point is well taken. Let my words be seasoned with salt.

Thank You
God bless you


So true, b2y! The words of man are meaningless when compared to God's words. That's why I trust no other religious text except that of the Holy Bible. It was authored by some 70 "authors," over a period of about 1500 years, and in a great number of locations. But all scripture is "God breathed" and is everything we need for life and death.

The bible message has to be the only inspired word of God. No man or group of men could have kept such a consistant message of faith and love, in so many ways, over such a period of time. If the bible was not all it claims to be, it would have come to nothing long before now! Put no trust in anything else man has said, God's word is the only truth!

God bless you for the message!

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

It is great to have the Bible - something that we can truly believe, in the age of information that is usually not too reliable. - Bibleguy64

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am reminded once again that God IS faithful and we can trust Him...no matter what!

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