Lies are never "cool"

The book of Numbers tells us that God is not a man that He should lie. The Gospel of John tells us that the devil is the father of lies. The epistle of Romans tells us that all men are liars. The epistle of Ephesians tells us to put away "the lie". Many places in the Bible tell us to quit lying and speak the truth with each other.

We are surrounded by a world which has been convinced the lie is truth and the truth is a lie. Each day we must deal with people whose very lives are nothing but a lie. They live in a fantasy world, denying there is anything wrong and totally comfortable with doing things totally contrary to what God says in His Word. Truly their hearts have been hardened and their consciences seared with a hot iron.

People are motivated by such things as fear, greed, recognition etc, and people lie for the same reasons. When someone makes a huge mistake the natural response is to fear the consequences. From this fear, springs the justification to "cover one's tracks" or deny any wrongdoing. When someone is insecure and unsure of themselves, they many times lie to enhance their reputation or resume.

When a person is covets what belongs to another, they will invariably fabricate lies to manipulate the other person into giving up what they want. Those locked into greed will lie their teeth to get more and more money and prestige. Those who absolutely believe they deserve everyone s adoration and whose only desire is to be powerful, well known or in charge of everything HAVE to lie to get what they want.

Lies can be huge or tiny. Lies can be malicious or "innocent". Lies can be chronic or sporadic. Lies can be elaborate schemes or flimsy excuses. The point is that lies are lies, no matter what shape or color they come in. Something is either true or untrue and that which is not true is a lie.

Those who start lying to either cover themselves or to gain recognition, fame or wealth usually never stop, but rather grow worse and worse. A chronic liar many times becomes so good at what they do, everyone believes them. A good poker player must master the art of deception in order to bluff their way to victory when they have nothing.

Our only defense against the lies which seek to destroy us is to put on the truth of the Word of God in our minds and guard our hearts at all times. Lies cannot tolerate the truth and that is why the more truth we put on the more lies fade away within us.

God desires us to be men and women of integrity and to live righteously. To do this we must seek to drive out of our minds the lifelong habit of lying to either cover for mistakes or enhance ourselves. One learned, honesty and truthfulness are excellent friends.


Thanks for sharing, "b2y!" Lies are no "light matter" with our Lord; He takes such sin very seriously! I believe that deceit is so disgusting to God because He cannot lie, and His greatest enemy, Satan, is called "the father of lies." Many scriptures tell us that liars will have no place in the kingdom of heaven...

Thanks for the message, God bless!


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The first sin humanity did was rooted in believing a lie. The second sin was to try to attempt to hide us. Isn't that in essence, a lie as well? We do not only lie with our lips. We also lie through our actions. I never thought much about it before but lying and pride go hand in hand don't they, B2Y. There is taking "pride" in doing a job well, "pride" in keeping up yourself and your home, "pride" when others whom you care about do well but that is a different matter altogether. That is more like deriving pleasure from those things and we ought to have that sort of "pride".

The problem is, when it pertains to self, it can easily cross the line and become a self-pride which exalts us into a position which belongs to God alone. We don't think we do this but... whenever we say/think/do "Not your will but mine?" that is exactly what we are doing.

May the Holy Spirit open our eyes to this and help us to live the truth... in all that we say, think and do!


K :princess:


Thank you for sharing this. There are those society's accepted lies for children-tooth fairy, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny and so on. They are superficially cute. Yet-a lie is a lie! God don't tolerate them! God Bless you richly! Dave

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