Lies, propaganda and "spin" (oh my)

We live in a world that has gone mad. If there is one thing I can say with full certainty, it is that most of what can be read or heard streaming from various media outlets is nothing but lies, propaganda and spin. As the events of this week drag on and on, the "spin doctors" embellish and tweak the events that took place last weekend in whatever way benefits them most.

I hate lies, propaganda and spin no matter who is doing it, whether those in the world or the church. I loathe those who make their living spinning everything that happens into a web of deceit with the sole purpose of entrapping unsuspecting and nave people.

The Apostle Paul says this in Ephesians 4:14:

"That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive ".

Paul makes it clear in this verse, which speaks of both worldly and religious people, that there are indeed men out there whose sole purpose in life is to spin webs of deceit through erroneous doctrine, trickery and cunning craftiness. Pretending there are no such people does not make them go away.

It behooves us to rise up in our thinking and not behave as children. It behooves us to get rooted and grounded in the truth so as to not be blown about as a leaf by every wind gust of doctrine. It behooves us to spiritually examine what is taught and reported so as to not become ensnared in cleverly laid out traps of lies and deceit.

We live in a society where advertising is king and manipulating people's thinking is queen. Whether in commercials, political speeches, Sunday morning sermons or the news; there is a daily barrage of propaganda hitting us that many times is only being done to sway our thinking, inspire us to do or buy something or to embrace a particular person and their views, ideas or philosophy. This is why it is vitally necessary that we gird up the loins of our minds and put on the whole armor of God.

I do not advocate automatically assuming everything heard or seen is wrong, but I do advocate holding everything heard or seen up to the standard of truth. Paul commended the Bereans for searching the scriptures to see if what he was teaching them was true. In all matters we should strive to have that same mentality so that we do not become victims of the lies, propaganda and spin we are bombarded with daily by those intent on deceiving us.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]It behooves us to get rooted and grounded in the truth so as to not be blown about as a leaf by every wind gust of doctrine. It behooves us to spiritually examine what is taught and reported so as to not become ensnared in cleverly laid out traps of lies and deceit. [/quote]

I get extremely alarmed when I hear people constantly quoted a particular minister, whether it be words from the pulpit or their latest book. Although I have never attended such a church, I've had people tell me that "so and so" was talked about more than Jesus Christ and their "book" is "preached" more than the Word of God! Of course, the claim is that the "book" uses the Word of God but if people are consulting a "book" more than they are the Word of God and focusing on a "man" more than on God... isn't that idolatry? Just something to think about!

We absolutely must carefully examine things against the Word of God. Rather than concentrating on what so-and-so says about it, we need to be seeking God and find out what He has to say about it.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

You are on a roll lately brother. My uncle was a pastor (full and part time throughout his ministry), and I can remember some who were so attached to him that if he left one church and went to another, they would go with him. Sometimes one gets attached to the messenger, more so than their message.

Every church has to have doctrines they use, so that all will be in the same thought, but some get to the point that they believe that they alone possess the truth. Several examples could be used.

When one studies about the apostles, they can see that they were all slaves, servants, and would have no person bow to them or idolize them. When one attempted to bow to Peter, he said no, I am just a man. Paul and Barnabus did the same. I sincerely question ones motives and doctrines who would bow down and kiss peoples hands, and the feet of a stone statue, when one considers what the scripture says about such. (and how tall do the doors have to be made to get through with their hat on, and with that stick held up, and be careful and don't step on or get hung up in that robe).

The creeds and statements are revered more so than the scripture at times. Good subject. Hope i didn't get too involved in it. God Bless.


Having Itching Ears, People are getting fed "poisionous stuff" and eating it up, I have friends who had been pulled into a Pastor's teaching because it was "hip and edgy" and thankfully this Pastor's latest book was so over the top as to deny the existence of Hell that it shook my friends awake to who they had been feasting off of, instead of God's Word!!!!

It all goes back to that same lie "Has God really said?" We must know what God's Word Really Says, Like David said "I have hidden Your Word in My Heart that I Might Not Sin against Thee"

thanks for this blog that reminds us of such an important truth, to be sober and vigilant and good bereans at such a time as this

In Christ,



We have got to be discerning, that is for certain! Thank you for sharing this vital , urgent message Brother Kirk and God Bless y'all richly! Dave

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