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Yesterday, for reasons unknown to me, first the DISH went out (meaning no television) and then the internet went out. It was snowing outside but I cannot believe our meager 3-4 inches of snow would cause the end of life as we know it. Seriously, have we ever really considered how much of our life is tied up watching things on television, a computer screen or a portable electronic device? If men wearing combat boots showed up at our door and demanded all our televisions, laptops, PC's, cell phones, I Phones etc; how on earth could we survive?

Beth's mom has been staying with us since late July. She has more energy at 84 years old than many people have 20 years her junior. Other than some short term memory issues, she is in pretty good working condition for her age. She loves to read and doesn't mind reading the same book two or three times. She also loves to cook and be helpful (for which we are thankful).

One of the things we do when she stays with us is to play a few hands of triple Solitaire after supper each night. We know many people who absolutely cannot understand why on earth we waste our time playing such a childish card game (most of these people don't play games at all). Yes, we usually do watch anywhere from a half hour to two hours of television each night, but our first love is playing games. I think Kathy and her husband could attest to that!

Over the years, we have spent countless hours playing everything from croquet to variations of well known games such as Monopoly, Risk, and Scrabble etc. At one point many years ago, Beth and I bought two Scrabble games and attached the two boards together so as to have double the fun. We even invented our own game by combining about five or six games together. Granted, this took place long before we had computers and for a season, when we had no television.

When I look back at the simplicity of life we enjoyed in the early 1990's, my heart yearns for a simpler time without all the distractions, demands and delusions of the present. Sometimes it takes a sudden loss of the technology that allows us to be entertained or informed at a moment's notice to realize how much we do not need all the “stuff” that supposedly makes our life fulfilling, when in reality it usually turns our minds to mush or causes us to dwell on things that are not edifying or Godly.

While some dream of heaven being a place where we sit around on clouds playing harps for eternity, I prefer to dream of heaven being a place to engage in decade long games and hundred year conversations with those we love. Either way, I tend to doubt heaven will be full of computers, televisions or portable phones, tablets etc.


Perhaps a bunch of snow on the dish, that's the thing about the dish. If it storms or snow's you lose the signals. I always keep a can of deicer around so I could spray the dish from the ground and I didn't have to climb up there to clear the ice and snow!:)

Yeah this generation of today doesn't know what to do outside of their electronic communications. To much of anything is never good. I used to spend all day outside playing in the snow, building big forts and playing war games with snow-balls. What a time I had, you had to make me come in from outside. Or I would litterly turn into a snow Man!
Be blessed forever

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Just the other night my husband and I spent a evening of games at the home of some friends who live in another town. I love games whether it is by myself or with a group of people. My husband unfortunately prefers games where there are at least three people playing and preferably four as he tends to be a bit more competitive than I am so I don't get to play as often as I would probably like. It is also more difficult for me to learn new games now due to a health issue but if the people around me understand that and are patient and gracious about it, I am game to try. While I do not object to winning of course, it truly does not matter if I lose and you know that is true. I play because I simply love to play and most of all, I love the laughter and fellowship that goes along with good friends having fun together.


K :princess:

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Wow! Gamers! Us too! :cool:

Nice idea on the Scrabble boards. :mrgreen:

My favourite games are the co-operative kind - we have one where you have to save the world, at which we do fail fairly often - but I'm also quite partial to the not-so-cooperative ones. Bang! is a good one.

As someone who keeps trying to have a mobile phone, then deciding that it's a horrible thing to be avoided, I very much agree it would be nice to go back to a simpler way of living. Sometimes, it feels like technology saps a lot of the good feelings out of life and replaces them with an unnatural sort of neutral.

Come, Lord Jesus! :cross: :heart:

God bless you and Beth and her mom. And thanks for this blog. I'm so happy to read from you.


Beth M @blest ·

Yup, we have never met a game we can't pervert, or corrupt. Double board Scrabble, 10 dice Yahtzee (8 of a kind, 9 of a kind, 10 of a kind, 3-3's, round robin straight, etc., etc.) . And The Game, combining Acquire, Stocks and Bonds, Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Pit...into one huge game. Ah, those were the days. I'm pretty sure The Game will be in Heaven! :wink:

And, yes, K, I seem to remember Dave being pretty competitive when we played Risk!

Yes, agree with the blog and the comments!


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I so remember those simpler days before all the gadgets we have now and when there were three channels on TV.

We used to play cards on the front porch -all the kids in the neighborhood would join in - board games were a great past time too.

I miss those days and the easy simple life style we had then.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Kirk.



Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

So happy to read your blogs brother.God bless you..

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