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Whether through our frustration with ourselves, others or the situations in
Whether through our frustration with ourselves, others or the situations in which we find ourselves; many times we must deal with things such as anger, depression, exasperation and confusion. We are not perfect creatures and we do not live in a perfect world. The result is that we all are going to have a few of "those days".

You know the kind of day of which I speak. You get up late or feeling like a bus hit you overnight; either way the day starts bad and goes downhill from there. There are many times we simply cannot stop what is going on but rather must focus on not allowing those things to so frustrate us that our fellowship with God is smashed into a million pieces.

In many respects, all of us are much too hard on ourselves and those closest to us. Somehow we equate walking in fellowship with God to walking in perfection and that is not going to happen. Until the Lord returns or we take our final breath, we are going to stumble and fall short of the standard God lays out for us in His Word.

We really need to learn how to forgive ourselves and those around us. No one is perfect and we all mess things up royally at times and some days it seems, all the time. I believe God sits on His throne at times just shaking His Regal Head as He sees us getting all exasperated over trivial matters, pulling our hair out and beating ourselves up for doing a silly thing.

God is not concerned with our ability to be perfect for He knows that is impossible. God is not concerned about how right we think we are for He knows our frame and that without Him we are never right. God is not concerned with our vain attempts to show off how spiritual or smart we think we are for He sees right through us and knows what is in our hearts.

Simply put, all any of us can do is strive to do our best to do what we know is right and try to live in the way God lays out in His Word. When we fail, we have a Savior who lovingly forgives us. When those around us fail, we have the joy of helping lift them up by carrying their burdens. Pride and self-righteousness should have no place in our thinking or walk.

The next time you are having one of "those days", remember that God still loves you no matter what and that sometimes all we can do is just "hang in there". Patience in the Bible is defined as just that; the ability to outlast tribulation and not succumb to pressure. In other words, patience allows us to endure our own shortcomings and those of our brothers and sisters around us.

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Kirk M is a retired minister living with his wife and animals in rural eastern Missouri
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Published: Jun 03 2011 04:35:50am

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K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

I believe in an omniscient God who knew I would have "those days" and indeed, even knew how many of those days I would have and how often I'd have to pulled back on my feet after falling flat on my face or sticking my foot in my mouth. Knowing all of that... Christ still died for me and says, "I love you. Come..."

While there are probably people who will not agree with me, I firmly believe that this is so.


K :princess:

Robin Francis (@findnrobin)

Who hasn't had one of those days, weeks, months, years! I like J.Meyers defintion of patience - being able to keep a good attitude during a trial! Perfection is when we daily ask, and allow, seek it crave for it, for God to change us! Great blog my friend, thanks for reminding us that we all fall short of the mark, we are all human and inspite of it all God still loves us! We all have these great plans how we are going to walk in love and then we get out of bed... LOL

Kirk M+ (@blessings2you)

Lest this turn into a never ending debate over things that most people do not understand nor want to understand, since I am the author of this blog let me have the final word on this subject.

Romans, Ephesians, Colossians and other places in the New Testament speak of the metamorphosis that takes place as we renew our minds to the truth of God's Word. The simple truth is that when we get born again, the new birth does NOT change the mind but rather implants the spirit of Christ within us. It is our job the rest of our lives to put on the new man and put off the old. This is not me talking but rather the exact words found in Ephesians and Colossians.

As we change our thinking to line up with the Word of God, we are transformed into the image of the Christ within. This is a process that takes time and hard work. It has nothing to do with our salvation but rather our WALK. The "renewed mind" is the process by which we replace worldly and old nature thoughts and habits with the new ones God lays out in His Word. "Let him that steal, steal no more, but rather let him labor working with his hands..." is a prime example out of Ephesians 4.

The promise of God's Word is that if we faithfully work to renew our minds and put on the mind of Christ, we will be transfigured so that as 2 Corinthians states, we when we look in the mirror we see the glory of the Lord. This takes time to reach this level and in the process there are going to be bad days and set backs.

Rather than continue debating this subject, I would prefer that we leave it with the simple truth that once we get saved and receive the Holy Spirit, we must not stop there but rather work to change our thinking so we think as Christ does and therefore do as He does. Receiving with meekness the engrafted Word of God is the key to changing our thoughts and replacing the corrupt and evil way we thought and did things when we were not born again with the way God wants us to think and act once we are born again.

Thank you,


Robin Francis (@findnrobin)

Thank you! I was so feelinfg this way after reading his comment... . it bothered me and tried to rob ne of my peace and joy. - Robin
Thank you for letting me know that I was not alone in my thinking. Sometimes we as christians take ourselves way to seriously... we need to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes we we fall short of the mark. I will never consider myself perfect only god is perfect! And those christians who think that they are will realize it once they stand before God and all his glory! We will never Match God's perfection, because he is God and that perfection is what makes him God.

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